Watch a Seven Year Old Dog Experience a Bed For The Very First Time


The video below shows the seven-year old rescued dog touching moment of lying on the bed for the very first time. In her inexplicable joy and excitement, the female bull terrier, Millie can’t help but roll around in the bed with the blankets almost covering her, when she was welcomed by her foster family in Vermont for the first time.

Millie who was neglected by her former owner and left with untreated eye problem seemed had forgotten about her past and was very happy with her new found foster family and the double bed introduced to her. Her reaction is totally touching and she looks so comfortable with her bed. Her foster mother is even more happier while taking a video of her.

Millie is waiting for a new family who will adopt her and become her permanent home from Pibbles and More Animal Rescue in Binghamton, New York.

This less than a minute video clip was uploaded two days ago, which literally describes how a dog can be happier with little things like a comfy bed.
dog on bed 1 dog on bed 2

dog on the bed 3

As the female bull terrier enjoys exploring the entire sheets on the bed, as it brings softness to her furs, she digs even deeper trying to bury herself in the entire bed.

She became tangled up with one of the blanket due to her non-stop rolling, but it didn’t affect her. She didn’t mind it because she is absolutely enjoying her moment. When she heard her mom laughing at her, she even get excited and responded by wagging her tail.

dog on the bed 4 dog on the bed 5

dog on the bed 6

dog on bed 7 dog on bed 8

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