Do a Barrel Roll – Everything You Need To Know

What is do a barrel roll?

Do a barrel roll is a simple Google search hack everyone can do and see something cool that the search engine will do. Simply browse to and type in the search term ” do a barrel roll ” and see what happens.

Yup! You just saw one of many google tricks that can trigger cool little features that the search company implemented in their site to keep things light and fun. There are many other little google tricks that do cool things to check out and try. But the barrel roll is maybe the most popular.

How to see the barrel roll?

Do see the cool trick where your entire screen will suddenly roll over, just type in the search bar ” Do a barrel roll. That’s it, simple as that, your entire browser should have done a complete roll and come back to normal. If it didn’t happen you did it wrong and we can’t help you. But it’s simple enough so don’t fuc* this up!

Images and memes of the roll?

Here are a few pictures and memes of the famous google barrel roll trick so you can see how it looks like without even trying it:

Here it is, simple as that, pretty cool right?

Here’s a one minute video showing you how to search and see the google barrel roll:

This is not the barrell roll, but it’s a pretty cool meme either way. (1)

Here is another picture showing the thing in action, google has a lot of these little tricks that make things fun and light

do a barrel roll 2

Here another image showing how not to do it. You’re doing it wrong

do a barrel roll 3

I want you to do the roll! Do it right now! Don’t wait

do a barrel roll 4

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