105 Geometric Tattoos That Are So Accurate They Should Teach Math

This post features over 100 geometric tattoos and is made for tattoo lovers everywhere. We wrote before about the subject of tattoos like this post about the white ink tattoo that became popular quickly. This time we wish to showcase some of the best geometrical tattoos we could find online and we think you will enjoy it.

Some of the shapes featuring here are abstract and some are more specific shapes and more clear ideas. Feel free to use these images for inspiration and just have fun viewing them, whatever your reason is, we hope you enjoy this huge collection and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments section.

1. Tiny fox is the first on our cool list of geometric tattoos

geometric tattoos .0

2. Geometric leaf

geometric tattoos

3. Amazing back tattoo with some lines

geometric tattoos 2.0

4. Red and black shapes on the arm

geometric tattoos 2

5. This unicorn is the cutest thing i ever saw

geometric ink 3.0

6. Flower inside a triangle

geometric ink 3

7. There’s a wave inside these geometric shapes

geometric ink 4

8. Tattoo that spreads across both hands

geometric ink 5

9. Thick lines triangle

geometric ink 6

10. I love this! Best one yet

geometric ink 7

11. Not sure what’s going on here, but i like it

geometric ink 8

12. Amazing elephant tattoo made out of similar shapes

geometric ink 9

13. Three black boxes on the back of the neck

geometric ink 10

14. Cubes. Simple. Awesome.

geometric ink 11

15. Faded tattoo

geometric ink 12

16. Huge geometric tattoo on the chest

geometrical tattoos 13

17. Abstract tattoo on the chest with three colors

geometrical tattoos 14

18. Geometric animals tattoo

geometrical tattoos 15

19. Hot air balloon tattoo

geometrical tattoos 16

20. Vintage Indian symbol tattoo

geometrical tattoos 17

21. Infinity box

geometrical tattoos 18

22. Center of my back tattoo

geometrical tattoos 19

23. Back of the arm tattoo that looks like a tribal shield

geometrical tattoos 20

24. Tree of life

geometrical tattoos 21

25. So many things going on in this tattoo

geometrical tattoos 22

26. Beautiful waterfall tattoo

geometrical tattoos 23

27. Shapes becoming more and more thick

accurate tattoos 24

28. Geometric shapes on the arm

accurate tattoos 25

29. Whoa! 3D tattoo designs

accurate tattoos 26

30. These look like the weird alien crops symbols

accurate tattoos 27

31. Tiny two triangles

accurate tattoos 28

32. Circles

accurate tattoos 29

33. This whole tattoo is made out of little triangles

accurate tattoos 30

34. So powerful

accurate tattoos 31

35. Black heart tattoo made of returning shapes

accurate tattoos 32

36. Colorful tattoo of space trapped inside a geometrical shape

accurate tattoos 33

37. I love this one the most! The geometrical tattoos list continues below…

accurate tattoos 34

38. Working with the space on your skin

graphic tattoos 35

39. A heart tattoo on the chest

graphic tattoos 36

40. Covering the entire hand

graphic tattoos 37

41. Hollow mandala tattoo

graphic tattoos 38

42. This is a unique shape tattoo

geometric tattoos 39

43. Complicated heart tattoo

graphic tattoos 40

44. OMG!

graphic tattoos 41

45. This back tattoo is confusing in a good way

graphic tattoos 42

46. Shapes on your arm

graphic tattoos 43

47. It looks like the sun

graphic tattoos 44

48. Incredible elephant tattoo

graphic tattoos 45

49. I love this symmetrical tattoo

graphic tattoos 46

50. Wow, This blue lion tattoo is just amazing

computative tattoos 47

51. There’s a tiny eye in the middle

computative tattoos 48

52. It looks like rocks, but it’s not really

computative tattoos 49

53. Butterfly on the stomach

computative tattoos 50

54. So many details in this one

computative tattoos 51

55. Beautiful skull tattoo

computative tattoos 52

56. Can you recognize the animal in this tattoo?

computative tattoos 53

57. Very nice work on this one

computative tattoos 54

58. Techno explosion

computative tattoos 55

59. Is that the Bird-man? Maybe an angel

computative tattoos 56

60. Tribal tattoo

computative tattoos 57

61. Walking bear

spatial tattoos 58

62. Lunar eclipse tattoo

spatial tattoos 59

63. Amazing tattoo full geometric sleeve

spatial tattoos 60

64. It builds up

spatial tattoos 61

65. I love this

spatial tattoos 62

66. So many shapes it’s mesmerizing

spatial tattoos 63

67. A whole planet on my leg

spatial tattoos 64

68. Beautiful bear on the back of the shoulder

spatial tattoos 65

69. Roaring lion on the leg

symmetrical tattoos 66

70. Beautiful mandala tattoo that break in half on each arm

symmetrical tattoos 67

71. The all seeing eye on the hip

symmetrical tattoos 68

72. Can you see the horse?

spatial tattoos 69

73. Lower leg tattoo

spatial tattoos 70

74. Across my arm tattoo with beehive patterns

spatial tattoos 71

75. I love tattoos that span on both arms

symmetrical tattoos 72

76. This tattoo looks like jewelry

symmetrical tattoos 73

77. Flowers on the back

symmetrical tattoos 74

78. Full body geometric tattoo

symmetrical tattoos 75

79. Fox on my hand

symmetrical tattoos 76

80. Sunflower tattoo i think

symmetrical tattoos 77

81. Flying into the stars

structural tattoos 78

82. Let me guess, you’re a Scorpio

structural tattoos 79

83. Love the shading of this tattoo

structural tattoos 80

84. Geometric shapes on the hands

structural tattoos 81

85. Beautiful! Looks like a galaxy

symmetrical tattoos 82

86. Picture in a mirror

structural tattoos 83

87. Full arm sleeve tattoo of snow flakes

structural tattoos 84

88. Geometric fox on the arm

structural tattoos 85

89. My beating hart piece

structural tattoos 86

90. Origami tattoo

structural tattoos 87

91. Bow and arrow

structural tattoos 88

92. The geometric tattoos list continues with this awesome neck piece

structural tattoos 89

93. Sleeve tattoo with geometric shapes of triangle

symmetrical tattoos 90

94. Two paper doves flying together

structural tattoos 91

95. Very unique campus

mathematical tattoos 92

96. Amazing job!

mathematical tattoos 93

97. Is that a snail?

mathematical tattoos 94

98. Cool mandala tattoo obviously geometric

symmetrical tattoos 95

99. Beautiful geometric tattoo of flowers

mathematical tattoos 96

100. Reach for the peak

mathematical tattoos 100

101. It’s a rabbit

mathematical tattoos 101

102. Pointing down

geometric tattoos 102

103. Black and simple. Love it

geometric tattoos 104

104. I find this geometrical tattoo very relaxing

geometric tattoos 105

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