Colouring Jason Momoa’s abs might just be the most relaxing thing ever

Jason Mamoa colouring book

Have you been trying hard to relax lately? You probably have a lot on your mind as we all do these days, but maybe colouring Jason Momoa’s abs might help ease the tension a little bit. Do not pretend you don’t know who Jason Momoa is because that’s quite impossible. He’s pretty much the heartthrob of the last decade, the Aquaman of any woman’s dream, and the tough supporting Khal Drogo we might all need these days. And now, he is the inspiration for a colouring book.

Jason Momoa has become the center character of a colouring book

Yep, ladies! It is true, and the book is available on Amazon if you wish to purchase it. It features 35 unique drawings of a dreamy Jason Momoa enjoying life on a beach, surfing, swimming with sharks, sailing, playing guitar in a hammock, splitting wood, reading a book or offering you a bunch of roses for you to colour and then enjoy. 

The designs are well-detailed and printed on only one sided-pages. The pages are perforated so you can easily remove them so you can colour every little detail and maybe then hang them on your wall, as a beautiful work of art. The colouring book is meant both for fans of the actor or anyone who wants to spend some time contemplating the beautiful things in life.

If you love colouring hair or would love to colour Jason Momoa’s hair, then we’ve got bad news. The hair is already filled in black, so nothing to do about that. However, you’ve got his perfect, chiseled abs and biceps and triceps and whatnot.

Fantastic Jason Momoa artwork that you can colour in any way you want

Whether you like colouring in watercolours or crayon, whether gel pens or colour pencils are your thing, it is up to you. This Crush Colour colour book comes with thick, good-quality papers which you can fill with colour in your own way.

So, will you let Jason Momoa “take the helm on a sunset sail, withness impressive physical strength as he scales a colossal cliffside, and take in the serenity of quieter moments through colorable works of art”? Will you “colour your way to a dreamier day with enamoring reveries and stirring displays of masculinity on each page” as we are advised to do in the Amazon juicy description?

Just take a look at these!

1.Jason Momoa bathing

Jason Mamoa bathing

2. Jason Momoa writing a letter. Just look at all those details!

Jason Momoa Coloring Book

3. Sail away with Jason Momoa and colour the waves together!

Jason Mamoa sailing colouring book

4. Just imagine colouring Jason Momoa’s abs

Colouring Jason Mamoa

5.  Nope, no need to imagine! They’re right here for you to colour!

Colouring Jason Momoa's abs

6. Could it get any sexier than this?

Jason Momoa and puppies

7. Yep! It can. Jason Momoa meditating while you colour those perfect biceps

Jason Momoa Coloring Book

Images: Amazon

Prepare for a special colouring book featuring The Rock!

One thing is sure, the Jason Momoa colouring book has been a major hit with a lot of over-the-top reviews. And it seems that Crush Color does not wish to stop there and are preparing a special The Rock colouring book.

the rock colouring book


Oh, and who is John Wick?

Keanu Reeves colouring book


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