27 Year Old Cassandra De Pecol To Become First Female Ever To Visit Every Country In The World

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In every one of us, there is an adventurer lying hidden and waits for the perfect timing and circumstances to open the sail and let himself go as the wind blows. However, not all of us are that lucky to have all pieces together and maybe not brave enough, unlike one young woman who decided and managed to become a true adventurer.

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Cassandra De Pecol is a 27-year-old woman raised in Connecticut. She has dedicated the last 15 months to wandering around the world as a “global citizen” and an advocate for peace. So, she is on the adventure with a mission. Her goal is to visit 196 countries of the world and so far she has checked in 181. Realising her goal would make her the first female, youngest American, and fastest individual to do so.

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The adventurer in Cassandra woke up for the first time in 2009 when she and her brother travelled to Europe to visit Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland. However, this trip turned into two years of travel across the Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia. She managed to support herself on the way with only $2000 and occasional jobs. Seven years later, 25 old Cassandra wanted to open the sail one more time, but this time she wanted all! She wants to visit all 196 world countries.  With a crinkled map, a kickstarter campaign, and good will, she set off on Expedition 196.

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On her Instagram account, she shares amazing moments from the expedition which fulfilled all her expectations plus it serves an even larger purpose: to promote peace. The International Institute for Peace Through Tourism (IIPT) has named De Pecol as one of their Ambassadors for Peace and she speaks to the students from around the globe about sustainable practices and beneficial environmental actions.

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Her mission is going to be complete soon. Check out in the gallery some special moments from Expedition 196 and for more photos and info follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Cassandra De Pecol: WebsiteInstagram | Twitter

So did you ever wanted to travel to every country in the world?



Meet cassandra de pecol – the woman who does exactly that. Traveling to every country in the world


She calls her amazing journey Expedition196 and she started it back in July 2015 in Palau


She already visited to 181 countries


She tries to be the first woman to be documented traveling to all 196 countries of the world



Cassandra only has 15 more countries to visit and 40 days to do it


If she manages to do it she will break the Guinness World Record for being the fastest person to travel to all sovereign states


She’s traveling with a mission of peace. She’s an ambassador on behalf of the international institue for peace through turism

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The trip has cost her $200,000 so far but most of it comes from sponsores

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She publishes her incredible journies on Instagram in exchange for free accomandation

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At a young age of 27 she already saw most of the world. Most of us will not get to see half of the world in our entire life time

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Cassandra never traveles anywhere without her camera and gear

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Her Passport

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And her trusted map

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