Animals React To Seeing Their Reflections For The First Time

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre created a hilarious video of wild animals in the jungles of Gabon, Africa. He set up a mirror in various location around the jungle and waited for the animals to walk by and catch their own reflection, the reaction of some of these animals is priceless!

This powerful gorilla will not have any of that

animal reflections 1

While this little guy seemed much more accepting and didn’t stop licking himself

animal reflections 2

This guy was spooked from the sight of his own face

animal reflections 3

And back to this guy who clearly doesn’t want to take part in this

animal reflections 4

The animals made quite a mess on mirror so the photographer had to clean it

animal reflections 5

This elephant walked by the mirror and respectively declined the offer

animal reflections 6

These guys were the most interested of all, they seemed to like this idea and played with it

animal reflections 7

This guy heard there was a mirror in the jungle and jumped at the chance

animal reflections 8

This guy tried to hit on the mirror ” Hey girl, whatcha doin’ out here by yourself ? “

animal reflections 9

Anddddd back to this guy who clearly doesn’t want this thing messing up his mojo

animal reflections 10

Source: Buzzfeed

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