This Cat Has Two Different Colors In Each Eye, And It’s Pure Magic

amazing cat eyes 1

Have you seen eyes like this before? Different colored eyes is something that can be seen among humans as well as animals, though it is rare, usually, it’s manifested through eyes of a different color; think of pop culture legend David Bowie who passed away recently, for example. Heterochromia iridium is definitely an aesthetically interesting phenomenon, but in this case, we have the condition called sectoral heterochromia, a subtype of heterochromia iridum, which makes this cat’s eyes amazingly beautiful.

It is a genetic mutation that causes one iris to contain two completely different colors as you can see in the photos and it causes no medical disadvantages in any way.

The medical explanation of this magical look lies in different concentrations of melanin within the same iris. Rare cats with eyes like this is white or white spotted because a white gene is responsible for preventing movement of melanin which, in normal cases, dyes kittens eyes from blue to another color while they are growing up. So, those of you who were curious now know how this happens and now we can just enjoy this look of pure beauty.

amazing cat eyes 2

amazing cat eyes 3

amazing cat eyes 4

All images via Imgur.

Source: MyModernMet


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