10 Comics That Perfectly Prove Adulthood Is a Myth

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In truth, adults are just overgrown children. We all are. Adulthood is a myth. Adulthood isn’t developed or grown it’s taught. How would we have all turned out if nobody had told us to put away childish things? how would we have ended up if no one said: “GI Joe dolls are for kids. Grow up.” Being an adult means giving up the things you love and think are awesome because somebody made you feel bad.

Or at least, that’s how I see it. It’s also about taxes and income and all that stupid stuff. And you have to make doctors appointments for yourself and remember to brush your teeth. But that’s all beside the point. The point is, adulthood is a myth. If you’re not convinced, maybe Sarah Anderson’s comics will help you see the light. It’s all a lie, people. Adults don’t really exist. We’re all just kids that were bullied into growing up.

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1: Just see how we act on dating to prove adulthood is a myth

adulthood is a myth (1)


2: Making friends is not that easy as you think

adulthood is a myth 2 (1)

3: Buying clothes is a battle we never win. I’m dying in this dress

adulthood is a myth 3 (1)

4: Writing and talking is very different things that we do

adulthood is a myth 4 (1)

5: Those little crushes we get when we meet a nice guy

adulthood is a myth 5 (1)


6: Browsing the internet is not a valid hobby, nope

adulthood is a myth 6 (1)

7: Sweaty hands is the most fearful thing a child can go through. When you’re an adult it’s even harder.

adulthood is a myth 7 (1)

8: Getting a hug is not always the best thing for you

adulthood is a myth 8 (1)

9: Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to anyone, what..it’s ok

adulthood is a myth 9 (1)


10: Remembering names is not that easy, you can get mixed up pretty easy

adulthood is a myth 10 (1)

11: This is the cover of the book, it’s nice

adulthood is a myth 11 (1)

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