This Adorable Baby Koala Just Turned One, So They Throw Her a Photoshoot


This adorable baby koala just turned one, and her home, or the Symbio Wildlife Park wanted to do something special to celebrate the day. Imogen the koala may look lovable and cute, but her life was not always easy, When she was just born her mother passed away after battling with leukemia. The young koala was then adopted by the parks curator and general manager and was hand-raised, it wasn’t easy, but she made it work and Imogen has been making people smile ever since. So to celebrate this special day, the park decided to share some behind the scenes photos from her first photo shot, at that time she was only 10 months old. More info: Facebook | Website

adorable baby koala 1

adorable baby koala 2

adorable baby koala 3

adorable baby koala 4

cute baby koala 5

cute baby koala 6

adorable baby koala 7

Source: Mymodernmet