70 Forgiveness Quotes That Everyone Needs To Remember

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The fact is we are living in hard times and what the world needs the most in such times is empathy and forgiveness. When we forgive we are not doing it only for other’s sake but before all for our own. That’s sublimes act that frees our spirit from the burden of anger, but it doesn’t mean we should forget what happened between us and the other side.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean it’s ok what the other side did to us but means we are letting them go from the feeling of guilt and our self from the feeling of anger.  All of that sounds fair and right, but the truth is it’s hard sometimes to find strength in real life to really do so. It’s an act that requires spiritual strength and courage.

Here is a huge collection of quotes that are about forgiveness. Remember it and look up for some of these wise words if you find yourself in a situation that someone is hard to forgive for their actions. Maybe the right thing to do is to forgive and these forgiveness quotes will surely inspire you to act that way. Take your time to scroll down the gallery of more than seventy forgiveness pics.

1. Holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong – the first of the forgiveness quotes

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2. Today i decided to forgive you

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3. Don’t hold someone down when they try to change

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4. Forgiveness is not letting someone off the hook

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5. Forgiveness is a process

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6. When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right

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7. We shouldn’t be defined by the worst things we’ve done

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8. Great quote

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9. God, i don’t feel like i can forgive

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10. I never knew how strong i was until i learned to forgive

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11. They caused the first wound, but you are causing the rest

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12. Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something that’s broken

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13. There’s nothing more classy and beautiful than showing forgiveness and grace

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14. Forgiveness is the best form of love

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15. Forgiving people doesn’t mean accepting their bad behaviour

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16. When another person makes you suffer, it’s because he suffers himself

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17. When a deep injury is done to us, we never heal until we forgive

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18. Forgiveness liberates the soul

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19. Everyone make mistakes in life, don’t make them pay for it their entire lives

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20. To be a christian means to forgive

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21. There are no regrets in life, only lessons

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22. Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regret

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23. Forgiving someone who wasn’t sorry is hard

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24. Forgiveness is a choice you make

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25. Here’s what a real apology requires you to do:

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26. Being mature is trying to understand the situation of the person who tried to hurt you

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27. You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart

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28. The weak can never forgive

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29. Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars

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30. To forgive is to set a prisoner free…

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31. In the shadow of my heart, forgiveness feels like a decision to reward my enemy

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32. Every son of Adam is a sinner…

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33. God, i don’t get this…

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34. You can love them, forgive them, want good things for them, but still move on without them…

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35. Until we have seen someone’s darkness, we don’t really know who they are

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36. It took me a long time to understand what it means to forgive someone.

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37. Sometime you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life

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38. Be soft, do not let the world make you hard.

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39. Love keeps no records of wrongs

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40. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does change the future

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41. Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons

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42. Mondays are for…

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43. don’t let one mistake ruin a beautiful thing

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44. It’s ok, you just forgot who you are.

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45. Here are the rules for living:

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46. The same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg

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47. Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a commitment. Love this forgiveness quote

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48. No matter how long you look at the past, there’s nothing new to see

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49. Sorry is nothing.

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50. There is no love without forgiveness

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51. I forgive people, that doesn’t mean i trust them

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52. A perfect relationship isn’t perfect at all

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53. Christianity was based on love and tolerance

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54. We all make mistakes

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55. Years of love can be forgotten in a minute of hate

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56. Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

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57. You either get bitter or get better!

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58. He who cannot forgive, breaks the bridge over which he himself cannot pass

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59. Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it

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60. Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people

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61. Forgiveness is me giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me

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62. Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by someone you love

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63. The best thing to hold on to is each other in life.

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64. When one forgives, two souls are set free

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65. When you choose to forgive those who have hurt you, you take away their power

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66. You’ll never know how strong your heart is until you know how to forgive who broke it

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67. The best on the list of forgiveness quotes

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68. These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb

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69. Hating someone makes them important

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70. How people treat you is their karma, How you react is yours

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