69 Funny Face Swaps That Prove We Use Snapchat Way Too Much


Face Swap is a filter on Snapchat, as you know, which allows you to swap your face with a friend in the photo. Now we know we write a lot about funny memes and stuff like that. This time we’re doing it about the filter of Snapchat is fun and bizarre at the same time, and sometimes it can go right, sometimes can go wrong. For example, the software can detect something else as a face and swap that with yours. The result again can go from just funny face swaps to hilarious to terrifying.

If you never get tired of fun with Snapchat’s Face Swap and if you are a Face Swap junkie you’re in the right place cause we here have a huuuuge collection of funny face swaps which are living their lives all over the Internet. And now, just for you Face Swap junkies, they are all in the one place. Enjoy!

1. Infant – dad face swap is always creepy – the first on the funny face swaps list

funny face swaps (1)


2. Okay, this is creepiest

funny face swaps 2 (1)

3. And what do you say about this?!

funny face swaps 3 (1)

4. Pretty as a doll

hilarious face swaps 4 (1)

5. Maybe try it in a few years…

hilarious face swaps 5 (1)


6. Perfectly swapped

hilarious face swaps 6 (1)

7. Wow, wheel detected as a face, lol!

hilarious face swaps 7 (1)

8. Haloween Face Swap

hilarious face swaps 8 (1)

9. Can you not laugh?

hilarious face swaps 9 (1)


10. The best Face Swap so far!

hilarious face swaps 10 (1)

11. If Disney characters were realistic

hilarious face swaps 11 (1)

12. Mom and son face swap

hilarious face swaps 12 (1)

13. Face swap with a dog… bizarre!

hilarious face swaps 13 (1)


14. Okay, what happened here?

lol face swaps 14 (1)

15. Did this face swap with cookie went right or wrong?

lol face swaps 15 (1)

16. The dude is sleeping like a baby and someone face swaps him

lol face swaps 16 (1)

17. Face Swap with breakfast. Can this go further than this…

lol face swaps 17 (1)

18. I’m so pretty, like a painting.

lol face swaps 18 (1)


19. The guy turned out cool, poor cat.

lol face swaps 19 (1)

20. Starbucks face, nailed it!

lol face swaps 20 (1)

21. The staff at Bored Panda also did a face swap

lol face swaps 21 (1)

22. This face swap is hilarious

lol face swaps 22 (1)

23. These two have way too much fun with Snapchat face swap

lol face swaps 23 (1)

24. Her face is a remote control

creepy face swaps 24 (1)

25. Married couple laugh out loud while doing this

creepy face swaps 25 (1)

26. Snapchat swapped the sweater instead of the face

creepy face swaps 26 (1)

27. Swapping with food is insane

creepy face swaps 27 (1)

28. Cat face swaps are always fun

creepy face swaps 28 (1)

29. OK this is just creepy

creepy face swaps 29 (1)

30. The triple face swap

creepy face swaps 30 (1)

31. Do i look like Elsa from Frozen?

creepy face swaps 31 (1)

32. Did i say swapping a face with a cat is fun?

creepy face swaps 32 (1)

33. Trying to be a painting, did it work?

creepy face swaps 33 (1)

34. I think his new baby face is better, keep it

weird face swaps 34 (1)

35. Let’s go to school

weird face swaps 35 (1)

36. I drew a face on my hand and swapped it with my real face

weird face swaps 36 (1)

37. I don’t think it’s working like it should

weird face swaps 37 (1)

38. Just figured out i can swap with paintings. Awesome!

weird face swaps 38 (1)

39. Older people trying to figure out how to use Snapchat face swap

weird face swaps 39 (1)

40. Faceswap that came out pretty good.

weird face swaps 40 (1)

41. Swapping my face with money

weird face swaps 41 (1)

42. Another classic cat swap

weird face swaps 42 (1)

43. I have no idea why this looks cool, but it is

weird face swaps 43 (1)

44. Oh girl, you got his beard

funny face filters 44 (1)

45. Look at his mouth priceless!

funny face filters 45 (1)

46. Snapchat face swap

funny face filters 46 (1)

47. Legendary results while this couple used the cool feature

funny face filters 47 (1)

48. This filter needs to stop

funny face filters 48 (1)

49. Y u do this to me Snapchat?!

funny face filters 49 (1)

50. Swapping my face with my doll

funny face filters 50 (1)

51. Dad knows how to have fun with the Snapchat feature

funny face filters 51 (1)

52. Lots of people love to swap their faces with paintings

funny face filters 52 (1)

53. Filtering with a box of cigarettes

funny face filters 53 (1)

54. This is pretty terrifying

funny face filters 54 (1)

55. Swapping my shirt to my face

funny face filters 55 (1)

56. Cats on Snapchat, Cats on the internet in general.

Snapchat face swaps 56 (1)

57. They seem really surprised that it works

Snapchat face swaps 57 (1)

58. Face swap like a king

Snapchat face swaps 58 (1)

59. Swapping with my necklace

Snapchat face swaps 59 (1)

60. ” Let’s try it with my scarf “

Snapchat face swaps 60 (1)

61. Be happier

Snapchat face swaps 61 (1)

62. Why?

Snapchat face swaps 62 (1)

63. Face swapping the coat

Snapchat face swaps 63 (1)

64. Multicultural face swap

Snapchat face swaps 64 (1)

65. The triple face swap

Snapchat face swaps 65 (1)

66. Sisters swap faces

Snapchat face swaps 66 (1)

67. Swapping the babies is what being a parent really is

Snapchat face swaps 67 (1)

68. I don’t get it, nothing is swapped here

funny face swaps 68 (1)

69. Swapping the leg of my cat with my face

funny face swaps 69 (1)

Wow this was a long post of funny face swaps right? Anyway if you made it this far, please share with friends.



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