53 Funny Monkey Pictures That Prove Monkeys Are Just Little Babies

Despite what any creationist may tell you, we have a lot in common with Monkeys. They are smart, able to develop relationships and learn just like we can. Granted, I’ve never known a monkey that was able to understand calculus. They’re still pretty smart for animals that we keep in captivity for all their lives. They need socialization just like humans do, to survive and thrive.

Monkeys are common in popular culture. They’re associated with religions like Hinduism and Bushism. But despite their popularity, they are in great danger of becoming extinct.  It’s important that we keep up with all the animals on the endangered species list and those that are close to extinction. We can all help them.

On a happier note, monkeys are some of the most hilarious and cute species out there. They’re not always photogenic but I’ve never seen a photo of a monkey that didn’t make me smile or laugh. There are so many funny monkey pictures on the internet that we decided to share a bunch of them here.

Take a look at these silly monkey pictures and tell us what you think of them in the comments section.

Funny monkey pictures #1 Huggies?

funny monkey pictures (1)

#2 Hey yo, you got a cigarete?

funny monkey pictures 2 (1)

#3 Hello? Is this thing on?!

funny monkeys pics 3 (1)

#4 Hey little buddy, how you doin?

funny monkeys pics 4 (1)

#5 ” This is soo cold ” the monkey probably

funny monkeys pics 5 (1)

#6 Sleeping like a baby in my crib

funny monkeys pics 6 (1)

#7 Funny monkey letting us see how he feels

funny monkeys pics 7 (1)

#8 This is my best friend larry

funny monkeys pics 8 (1)

#9 Just chillin

funny monkeys pics 9 (1)

#10 this is just all sorts of funny

funny monkey pictures 10 (1)

#11 ” what you looking at “

funny monkey pictures 11 (1)

#12 I’m making people happy every day in the zoo, i deserve this.

funny monkey pictures 12 (1)

#13 Moneky knows exactly what he’s doing

funny monkey pictures 13 (1)

#14 ” Ohh snap! Did you see this?! “

funny monkey pictures 14 (1)

#15 A chain of moneky sex? I don’t know

funny monkey pictures 15 (1)

#16 Apple stuff are the best, even monekies know this

funny monkey pictures 16 (1)

#17 ” I’m the old high monkey in here “

funny monkey pictures 17 (1)

#18 ” And i’m the old wise one “

funny monkey pictures 18 (1)

#19 This is probably the crazy monkey in the gang

funny monkey pictures 19 (1)

#20 I’m the king of the world!

funny monkey pictures 20 (1)

#21 We brothers man, lets hang out

funny monkey pictures 21 (1)

#22 an alien monkey

funny monkeys pics 22 (1)

#23 Let us drive, we drive better than you

funny monkeys pics 23 (1)

#24 From all the funny monkey pictures out there, this is it people

funny monkeys pics 24 (1)

#25 Let me out of here

funny monkeys pics 25 (1)

#26 I probably should not drink soda drinks right?

funny monkeys pics 26 (1)

#27 Look at me

funny monkeys pics 27 (1)

#28 I’m board from this gallery, next!

funny monkeys pics 28 (1)

#29 I’m gonna fly

funny monkeys pics 29 (1)

#30 I’m a thinker

hilarious monkey pictures 30 (1)

#31 ” Dude they’re looking, not now “

hilarious monkey pictures 31 (1)

#32 This is more beautiful than funny

hilarious monkey pictures 32 (1)

#33 No more water! We’re doomed!

hilarious monkey pictures 33 (1)

#34 I don’t like this anymore

hilarious monkey pictures 34 (1)

#35 I’m a baby, take me home with you

hilarious monkey pictures 35 (1)

#36 Hey babe, what’s up?

hilarious monkey pictures 36 (1)

#37 If you laugh at me, i’m going to kill you

hilarious monkey pictures 37 (1)

#38 I brush my teeth

hilarious monkey pictures 38 (1)

#39 I wear a dipar, so what

hilarious monkey pictures 39 (1)

#40 Smoking is healthy no?

hilarious monkey pictures 40 (1)

#41 It was this big! i’m telling you

funny monkey images 41 (1)

#42 This is my teddy bear, there is more like it but this one is mine

funny monkey images 42 (1)

#43 I’m faboules!

funny monkey images 43 (1)

#44 Just a little bit

funny monkey images 44 (1)

#45 Stahhhp it, it tickles

funny monkey images 45 (1)

#46 It’s my birthday today!

funny monkey images 46 (1)

#47 It’s my hair right? That’s what funny

funny monkey images 47 (1)

#48 Am i sexy baby? Am i randy? Yeah!

funny monkey images 48 (1)

#49 Everyone here is a lost cause

funny monkey images 49 (1)

#50 Ohhh snap!

funny monkey images 50 (1)

#51 Me like smoke

funny monkey pictures 51 (1)

#52 That smile though, for real…

funny monkey pictures 52 (1)

#53 Looks like this funny monkey got electrecuted

funny monkey pictures 53 (1)

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