33 Fancy McDonalds Locations From Around The World Because Junk Food Can Look Good Too


One can’t help being impressed by the elaborate McDonald’s that exist around the world. Some of them are too beautiful to be a fast food restaurant. Some are just too fancy. If we’re being honest with ourselves, it doesn’t matter how you dress it up. It doesn’t change the fact that people have found human appendages in their food there. The aesthetic appeal of a McDonalds doesn’t make it any less greasy than adding apples to the kids’ menu did.

I once visited a McDonalds in the mountains on a road trip. The exterior was like your average McDonalds restaurant. But the inside was cozy and warm. There was even a fireplace, with a fire going and everything. It was beautiful but it’s a shame that all you could get there was the usual greasy McDonalds food.

With all that said, I’d kill for a Big Mac right now. Extra Mac sauce, please. Either way,you spin it, when you’re on a road trip or in a hurry, any McDonalds will do. Whether it’s pretty or run down. When you’re feeling lazy, it doesn’t matter.

Take a look at some of the more beautiful, even modernized McDonald’s restaurants around the world. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Fancy McDonald’s in Clifton Hill, Victoria, Australia

fancy mcdonalds (1)

Photo by: Tim McRae on Flickr


2. McDonald’s in Time Square, New York City

fancy mcdonalds 2 (1)

Photo by: Tom Magliery (mag3737 on Flickr)

3. McDonald’s at Galleria Vittoria Emanuele in Milan, Italy

fancy mcdonalds 3 (1)

Photo by: Michael Jean on Flickr

4. White Colonial Mansion McDonald’s in New Hyde Park, New York, USA

fancy mcdonalds 4 (1)

Photo by: Chung Chu on Flickr

5. Exotic McDonald’s in Yangshuo, China

fancy mcdonalds 5 (1)

Photo by: Joshua Paul Shefman @ DepartingYYZ.com


6. McDonald’s Airplane in Taupo, New Zealand

fancy mcdonalds 6 (1)

Photo by: Kerry Myers (kfm9211 on Flickr)

7. The World’s Biggest McDonald’s Beside Olympic Park in London, England

fancy mcdonalds 7 (1)

Photo by: Simon Q (simononly on Flickr)

8. McDonald’s on Piac utca in Debrecen, Hungary

fancy mcdonalds 8 (1)

Photo by: Tibor Kósa on Flickr

9. McDonald’s in Higashiomi, Shiga, Japan

fancy mcdonalds 9 (1)

Photo by: Noah’s Ark on Flickr


10. McDonald’s on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA

fancy mcdonalds 10 (1)

Photo by: chrisshots on Flickr

11. McDonald’s in Patershol, Ghent, Belgium

fancy mcdonalds 11 (1)

Photo by: harry_nl on Flickr

12. Colonial McDonald’s in Independence, Ohio

fancy mcdonalds 12 (1)

Photo by: So Cal Metro on Flickr

13. McDonald’s in Paris, France

fancy mcdonalds 13 (1)


14. McDonald’s in Porto, Portugal

fancy mcdonalds 14 (1)

Photo by: Mark Hogan on Flickr

15. Sand Lake Road McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, USA

fancy mcdonalds 15 (1)

Photo by: Stephan Mehrer on Flickr

16. McDonald’s on the Water in Aswan, Egypt

fancy mcdonalds 16 (1)

Photo by: Zeldenrust on Flickr

17. McDonald’s River Boat on the Mississippi River, St. Louis, MO

fancy mcdonalds 17 (1)

Photo by: David Wilson on Flickr

18. Old McDonald’s in Bergen, Norway

fancy mcdonalds 18 (1)

Photo by: Einar Seyland on Flickr


19. Retro McDonald’s in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, USA

fancy mcdonalds 19 (1)

Photo by: Robert Magina on Flickr

20. McDonald’s in Ohrid, Macedonia

epic mcdonalds 20 (1)

Photo by: MatHelium on Flickr

21. McDonald’s in Kristiansand, Norway

epic mcdonalds 22 (1)

Photo by: dyrnes on Flickr

22. McDonald’s in Hameln, Lower Saxony, Germany

epic mcdonalds 23 (1)

Photo by: harry_nl on Flickr

23. McDonald’s Drive Thru in Ulsan, South Korea

epic mcdonalds 24 (1)

Photo by: Jason Teale on Flickr

24. McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine, USA

epic mcdonalds 25 (1)

Photo by: Lady_K on Flickr

25. Route 66 McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma, USA

epic mcdonalds 26 (1)

Photo by: Alan Berning on Flickr

26. Cast Iron McDonald’s on Canal Street, New York City, USA

epic mcdonalds 27 (1)

Photo by: Dan Haneckow on Flickr

27. McDonald’s in Tbilisi, Georgia

epic mcdonalds 28 (1)

Photo by: Chuck Moravec on Flickr

28. McDonald’s on Eastern Long Island, USA

epic mcdonalds 29 (1)

Photo by: kn2y on Flickr

29. McDonald’s in Bray Town Hall, Ireland

epic mcdonalds 30 (1)

Photo by: William Murphy on Flickr

30. McDonald’s in Lindau, Germany

epic mcdonalds 31 (1)

Photo by: Cody Ash on Flickr

31. McDonald’s in Chinatown, New York City, USA

fancy mcdonalds 32 (1)

Photo by: Andriy Prokopenko on Flickr

32. McDonald’s in Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

fancy mcdonalds 33 (1)

Photo by: dunedoo on Flickr

33. McDonald’s on Spanish Broadway (Gran Via) in Madrid, Spain

fancy mcdonalds 34 (1)

Photo by: Luc Mercelis (HDR-newaddict on Flickr)



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