Turn Your Cat Into a Slaying Dragon With This 3D Printed Cat Armor


If your Cat loves “Knightly” adventures, this new armor might “suit” him just fine!

3D Printed Cat Armor 1

Just when I thought my cat had everything, Thingiverse user and YouTuber PRINTTHATTHING  came up with this truly cool set of Cat Armor, complete with a helm, tail section, and skull breastplate.

As soon as they uploaded this awesome design to Thingiverse, I knew I wanted it! The armor is lightweight, but looks heavy-duty. Each section is articulated to allow your cat complete free movement. You can scale it up or down, as you need, allowing you to custom fit your kitty and it has some cool features!

3D Printed Cat Armor 4

It can be printed using a medium like Hatchbox Gold ABS Filament, to give it a golden metallic look to it!  It has an awesome free moving tail section that is accented by a mace-like “stinger” at the end.  The skull on the chest plate doesn’t just look badass. It is actually designed to hold your kitty’s tags to keep them safe on their many adventures. And a really fleek element of the design is the dragon-horn like spikes across the back and down the tail!  Your cat will be feared by dogs and admired by all the local pussies!

3D Printed Cat Armor 2

3D Printed Cat Armor 3

Source: sinkhacks

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