Krato Milano Created Beards Jewelry For Men And They Are Cool AF

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Nothing says ‘Manly’ like beard Jewelry. If men can braid their beards and condition them why shouldn’t they be able to decorate them with beautiful beards jewelry? Here’s a way for you to stand out of every other bearded man.

Krato Milano is the designer that created these manly gems. These designs consist of skulls, anchors, and classic crystals. You can mix and match them too.

They’re shiny and stylish but I would think they’d get lost in your beard. Pre-ordered beards Jewelry can be expected to ship in December. So if you have a bearded manly man in your life, order some beard jewelry for them as a Christmas gift.

Before you dump all your money into this obvious gold mine, take a look at these pictures. These men should convince you it’s worth your money. Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Embrace the dude glamour.

Krato Milano is the man behind these cool Beards Jewelry – the first ever in the world

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It took over a year to design the jewels and get them into perfect form, the biggest issue was to create a good grip on the beard that will be firm but comfortable while still looking amazing

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The first group of bearded men that tried the beard jewels loved it and encouraged the designer to share his work with the rest of the world

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The bearded style has always been popular with men, you have so many styles and different looks for facial hair so it’s only natural you start to see jewelry to match it

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Men with beards finally have their own jewelry to improve their facial hair game

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The beards Jewelry come in different shapes like skulls, anchors and the classic crystals

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Currently you can only pre-order these jewels on Kickstarter until they finish raising funds on November 3rd

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Here’s a short video:

Source: Kickstarter