38 Bonsai Trees That Are a Perfect Tiny Version Of Nature

Growing bonsai trees is a delicate and serious hobby, definitely not for everyone. Yet, if you are a patient person who can give dedicate care and attention for a long period of time to this ancient horticultural practice, you will be rewarded with the amazing beauty of the miniature trees as you can see in the gallery.

The origin of bonsai is China where this tree growing technique was known as “penzai”. Later it was influenced by Japanese zen Buddhism into the form as we know it today. The key of this tree growing technique is strict control of conditions under which the plant is growing. Some of the techniques that bonsai masters use are pinching buds, pruning and wiring branches and restricting the use of fertiliser. To get a miniature version of an apple tree, for example, that can feet perfectly on your living room table requires a lot of time and delicate work along the way. But the one who is willing to put the effort in it is surely rewarded with exceptional beauty.

Check out in the gallery some of the extraordinary bonsai tree examples. Some of them are over 800 years old! Can you imagine that, generations and generations taking care of one tree…If you’re growing a bonsai tree yourself, please share with us the result of your work.

1. Beautiful…Bonsai Maple Forest In Autumn

bonsai trees (1)

2. Stunning…The Bonsai Tree That is Over 800 Year Old

bonsai trees 2 (1)

3. Wisteria – compared to the other bonsai trees on this list this is huge

bonsai tree pictures 3 (1)

4. 390-Year-old Bonsai Tree which Survived Hiroshima

bonsai tree pictures 4 (1)

5. Lovely…Apple Tree in Bloom

bonsai tree pictures 5 (1)

6. Bonsai Forest

bonsai tree pictures 6 (1)

7. Azalea – one of my favorite

bonsai tree pictures 7 (1)

8. Japanese Red Maple

bonsai tree pictures 8 (1)

9.  Apple Tree with a Fruit

bonsai tree pictures 9 (1)

10. Wisteria. I love the color of the flowers

bonsai tree pictures 10 (1)

11. Awesome… Bonsai Hobbit Hole

bonsai tree pictures 11 (1)

12. Bonsai in the Lake

bonsai tree pictures 12 (1)

13.  Bonsai Chile Tree – Doesn’t look real right?

bonsai tree pics 13 (1)

14. Sakura. Minimalist and delicate

bonsai tree pics 14 (1)

15. Apple Tree

bonsai tree pics 15 (1)

16. Magnolia

bonsai tree pics 16 (1)

17. Azalea

bonsai tree pics 17 (1)

18.  Pyracantha

bonsai tree pics 18 (1)

19. Japanese Maple – The bright color of this one is just insane!

bonsai tree pics 19 (1)

20. Autumn Maple

bonsai tree pics 20 (1)

21. Bonsai Grove In Autumn

bonsai tree pics 21 (1)

22. Another Apple Tree

bonsai tree pics 22 (1)

23. Lilac

penzai trees 23

24. 150-Year-Old Bonsai

penzai trees 24 (1)

25.  Bougainvillea

penzai trees 25 (1)

26. Wisteria Bonsai

penzai trees 26 (1)

27. Bonsai Coastal Redwood

penzai trees 27 (1)

28. Sakura

penzai trees 28 (1)

29. Bougainvillea

penzai trees 29 (1)

30. Redwood

penzai trees 30 (1)

31. Pomegranate

penzai trees 31 (1)

32. Portland’s Lan Su Yuan’s Penjing

penzai trees 32 (1)

33. Pyracantha

penzai trees 33 (1)

34. Japanese Maple

penzai trees 34 (1)

35. Lovely Bonsai Tree in Bloom

penzai trees 35 (1)

36. Persimmon Bonsai. Didn’t see many Bonsai trees with grass at the bottom

penzai trees 36 (1)

37. My Ginger Root

penzai trees 37 (1)

38. Bonsai At The Montreal Botanical Garden

bonsai trees 38 (1)

If you grow bonsai trees yourself, please share your process with us



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