25 Reddit Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Ponder Everything You Thought You Know

Most of us get our best ideas in the shower or bathroom, why is that? Well if you think about it, it’s one of the only places in our lives that we visit every day and have a few minutes to ourselves without any distractions, and when we have this, we start to really think about things, this is called shower thoughts, and on the site Reddit there is a popular subReddit entirely devoted to Reddit shower thoughts where people share their own ideas with everyone.

Now obviously some of these thoughts are just pointless or plain weird, but every now and then you come up with a brilliant idea you never thought about that could actually change your life, or just make someone say ” Whoa! “.  Check out the gallery below and be sure to visit the subReddit for more awesome ideas, if you have any deep thinking you want to share with us please do so in the comments section below.

1. The first on the Reddit shower thoughts is a pretty damn nice one

reddit shower thoughts (1)

Image credit: Elias Angulo

2. I don’t want to fly today, maybe tomorrow, or never

reddit shower thoughts 2 (1)

Image credit: melodramababs

3. Fire is on everything

reddit shower thinkers 3 (1)

Image credit: lovstromp

4. This is a cool one! Never knew this

reddit shower thinkers 4 (1)

Image credit: Gemma Bou

5. So you always eat mashed potato right

reddit shower thinkers 5 (1)

Image credit: Renée S. Suen

6. Because experience teaches us we have time

reddit shower thinkers 6 (1)

Image credit: Craig Cormack

7. That’s a very good shower thought

reddit shower thinkers 7 (1)

Image credit: spunkinator

8. LOL, stop hitting yourself you silly person

reddit shower thinkers 8 (1)

Image credit: Cody Long

9. Whoa! Mind blown – poof

reddit shower thinkers 9 (1)

Image credit: Eric Mesa

10. Great point, they wanted to pop open the champagne before the fight was even over

reddit shower thinkers 10 (1)

Image credit: toolonginthisplace.files.wordpress.com

11. I ate today a beef cow and some vegetable potatoes

reddit shower thinkers 11 (1)

Image credit: kygp

12. Don’t kid yourself

reddit shower thinkers 12 (1)

Image credit: howzey

13. Are you a grammar nazi?

deep shower thoughts 13 (1)

Image credit: Brett Jordan

14. Actually the clothes are for breathing and warmth

deep shower thoughts 14 (1)

Image credit: Claude Robillard

15. Whoa! If she would have won, it would have been so many first times

deep shower thoughts 15 (1)

Image credit: White House Photo

16. How much of Japan is Japan pie chart

deep shower thoughts 16 (1)

17. I do it all the time, what’s the issue

deep shower thoughts 17 (1)

Image credit: Meg Wills

18. Think about it for a second

deep shower thoughts 18 (1)

Image credit: John Atherton

19. Because of our body weight, never thought about it

deep shower thoughts 19 (1)

Image credit: Hamed Saber

20. And that makes you wander about a lot of things right?

deep shower thoughts 20 (1)

Image credit: Lauren Hammond

21. Because there is more time to cover

deep shower thoughts 21 (1)

Image credit: Marcus Hansson

22. This will keep people coming to the gym every day

deep shower thoughts 22 (1)

Image credit: W_Minshull

23. The word ” Fat ” is just the word ” Eat ” after someone took a bite of the letter F

deep shower thoughts 26

Image credit: goinglikesixty

24. Ellen Degeneres should give away more stuff and rename her show ” Ellen de Generous ” – My favorite Reddit shower thoughts, don’t know why

deep shower thoughts 24 (1)

Image credit: fanpop

25. If a billionaire will give you 0.01% of his money, it will change your life completely and won’t affect him in any way

reddit shower thoughts 25 (1)

Image credit: blogspot

These were some of the best Reddit shower thoughts we could find, if you have more or liked these, please share with your friends.


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