36 Totally Insane Translations Fails That Will Make You Question Your Language

translations fails feat (1)

Does anybody remember that website Engrish.com? I remember visiting that site and spending hours laughing at the translations fails. Now there’s a similar term called “Chinglish” that’s used to represent bad Chinese to English translations. There’s nothing funnier than a bad translation. It can make things super awkward and embarrassing for the people making the mistake. But if you’re on the outside looking in, it’s hilarious.

Americans like myself love to laugh at failed translations to English. But with all the Spanish translations we have, I’m sure we’ve got plenty of totally insane translations fails on some of our signs. We’ve pulled some of the funniest translations from the internet and compiled them all here. These signs, however unhelpful they may be, have to lift the spirits of any weary traveler.

Take a look at these hilarious mistranslations. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Have you ever been to China and been totally confused by their signage?

1: Pubic phone is the first in our translations fails list

totally insane translations fails 2 (1)


2: That’s some hardcore manicure set

totally insane translations fails 3 (1)

3: I’m always down for some face bashing

totally insane translations fails 4 (1)

4: Visit the racist park, it’s an experience you won’t forget

lol translations fails 5 (1)

5: Only if you’re a slut you can eat this

lol translations fails 6 (1)


6: Faild. Translation. Here

lol translations fails 7 (1)

7: So…does that mean you get to touch me? YES PLEASE!

lol translations fails 8 (1)

8: I wonder if people who get in, ever get out

lol translations fails 9 (1)

9: Have human lives here. Very cheap human lives

lol translations fails 10 (1)


10: You can eat the room too. See price list

totally insane translations fails 11 (1)

11: Who want unrine soup? Urine soup here!

totally insane translations fails 12 (1)

12: OK. Just let me drink some more

totally insane translations fails 13 (1)

13: Half old chicken on sale

totally insane translations fails 14 (1)


14: What the hell is this? Such a huge translation fail

totally insane translations fails 15 (1)

15: Like the bathroom. Ba dish Dosh!

totally insane translations fails 16 (1)

Totally insane translations fails #16 Eat some fucked duck

totally insane translations fails 17 (1)

17: So basicly you just want warmth

totally insane translations fails 18 (1)

18: Urine bowl of noodles. Yummy!

totally insane translations fails 19 (1)


19: You need a full department for ketchup?

totally insane sign fails 20 (1)

20: This makes no sense at all

totally insane sign fails 21 (1)

21: Ok. But what is the source?

totally insane sign fails 22 (1)

22: OMG, i rather be killed by the fire

totally insane sign fails 23 (1)

23: I’m sold. teach me some Engish!

totally insane sign fails 24 (1)

24: Talking in the bathroom is not a good idea

totally insane sign fails 25 (1)

25: Please wait outside before eating rice noodles

totally insane sign fails 26 (1)

26: Too much information man

totally insane sign fails 27 (1)

27: What’s their deal with urine?!

totally insane sign fails 28 (1)

28: No thank you!

totally insane sign fails 29 (1)

29: Wanna be raped by mushrooms? Hmm…nope

totally funny translations fails 30 (1)

30: Cu*t examination

totally funny translations fails 31 (1)

31: Instructions unclear *swimming in the lobster bowl while kissing a duck

totally funny translations fails 32 (1)

32: Grass loves to dream

totally funny translations fails 33 (1)

33: If you want to be harassed, this is for you

totally funny translations fails 34 (1)

34: Internet Hole

totally insane translations fails 35 (1)

35: Oh my, this is not nice

totally insane translations fails 36 (1)

36: I heard she killed a leg last night

totally insane translations fails 37 (1)

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