35 Game Of Thrones Facts That Shed New Light On The Show

The sounds that dragons make in The Game of Thrones are actually the sounds of tortoises mating. Isn’t that awesome info?! And it’s a fact. Let’s check out the list of 35 Game of Thrones facts related to your beloved series and let’s take a sneak peek behind the scene of Game of Thrones.

1. An air cannon was left inside the book to blow off the pages for the effect. The first on the Game of Thrones facts list

game of thrones facts 2

2. Epsom and cooking salt for the snow model of Winterfell

game of thrones facts 3

3. No more purple eyes for the Targaryens

game of thrones pics 4

4. Wanna play football with my head?

game of thrones pics 5

5. Lena Headey’s child will be a huge fan of GOT, for sure.

game of thrones pics 7

6. Are Dragons males or females???

game of thrones pics 8

7. Cold Play member was the drummer at the red wedding.

game of thrones pics 9

8. Do you get a joke?

game of thrones pics 10

9. The Daily Mail vs 200 security guards that supposed to keep paparazzi away from the set.

game of thrones pics 11

10. Water mixed with food coloring is not the most delicious drink in the world.

game of thrones pics 12

11. A cameo appearance of George R.R. Martin

game of thrones pics 13

12. Real brass armor for Nikolaj Foster-Waldau in the season four

game of thrones pics 14

13. Maisie Wiliams really couldn’t see anything in the blinding scene due to large lenses she wore for the filming.

game of thrones pics 15

14. Seven different colors of Rainbow-armors

game of thrones pics 16

15. The sounds that dragons make are actually the sounds of tortoises mating. I love this Game of Thrones fact

game of thrones facts 17

16. Those were live scorpions crawling the head of Pentoshi Merchant Captain.

GOT facts 18

17. Lol! There are snacks in those long sleeves.

GOT facts 19

18. “George W. Bush’s head” in the Game of Thrones.

GOT facts 20

19. Everyone wants him to be alive…

GOT facts 21

20. The casual cat walk…

GOT facts 22

21. Kit and Rose are making a great couple.

GOT facts 23

22. White walkers are living creatures.

GOT facts 24

23. New partner in season five was not what she was expected.

GOT facts 25

24. Sophie Turner had her debut as an actress in Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones facts continues below…

GOT facts 26

25. 40 years older from the stress of torture… Check out the book for the details.

GOT facts 27

26. No way! Ned Stark never said brace yourselves.

GOT facts 28

27. The unnecessary scene of Remains castration

GOT facts 29

28. Kit Harington worked in a bookstore and didn’t like heavy books.

GOT facts 30

29. Men will be boys because “Winter is coming”

GOT facts 31

30. A cameo of heavy metal band Mastodon members.

GOT facts 32

31. Jack Gleeson decided to quit acting after GoT.

GOT facts 33

32. Maisie Williams learned to fight as left-handed for the authenticity of the character.

game of thrones facts 34

33. Real dragons?!

game of thrones facts 35

34. A useful skill of the actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright.

game of thrones facts 66

35. Sophie Turner adopted Lady after season 1.

game of thrones facts

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