34 Post It Note Art Pictures Proving We All Waste So Much Time At Work

Post it notes, what would we be without them, right? Think about it, you wouldn’t remember anything in your life without the use of the post it note, you wouldn’t be able to waste precious time at work creating some amazing post it note art work while you should be working if they would not exist. The world would be in complete chaos.

Luckily these cool tiny sticky notes are in our lives and we have 34 post it note art pictures to prove their importance. Enjoy

1. This beauty post it note art in the form of a covered car

post it note art 2

2. The classic office prank, covering everything with notes

post it note art 3

3. This is actually pretty creative, folded post it notes sculpture

post it note art 4

4. Window of a store covered with notes

sticky note art 5

5. Another great piece of art made from post it note

sticky note art 6

6. I love this work! So much details and playing with the shadows creating an Elvis painting

sticky note art 7

7. Turning your living room into a beautiful master piece

sticky note art 8

8. Some angry post-it notes

sticky note art 9

9. Someone created an art collage of post it notes

sticky note art 10

10. Mario looking awesome and pixeled in this picture

sticky note art 11

11. Cool Pacman art on the window

sticky note art 12

12. Yeah, i wouldn’t wish this for my haters, it will take hours to remove

sticky note art 13

13. Do you recognize her?

sticky note art 14

14. Cool guitar painting made just with sticky notes

post it sticker art 15

15. This is a clown in the store window

post it sticker art 16

16. I used to love this show – dilbert

post it sticker art 17

17. This is actually an ad for swatch with the office prank

post it sticker art 18

18. This is my kind of office

post it note art 19

19. This was part of an office war, they changed the window sticker it art every day to compete with opposing building.

post it sticker art 20

20. Some of the work was just straight up amazing!

post it sticker art 21

21. Angry birds on the look out

post it sticker art 22

22. Even the Simpson took part

post it sticker art 23

23. While Spiderman peaked to keep the peace

post it sticker art 24

24. But eventually this happened, and they won

post it sticker art 25

25. Can’t beat the mic drop

post it sticker art 26

26. Recreating classic art paintings using only post it notes

post it sticker art 28

27. Turning a manly truck into a girly heaven

post it sticker art 29

28. Just a cow

post it sticker art

29. I love this! Looks like sun set right?

post it note art 27

30. Whoa!

31. Link from Legend of Zelda

32. Mario stop motion – epic!

33. Another cool stop motion video

34. Nice video as well of some sticky notes art

Don’t be that guy who didn’t share, these post it note art pieces need your help.


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