33 Illustrations That Show The Darker Side Of Modern Society


The author of these surreal illustrations is photo artist Igor Morski from Poland. He invites you to share his work and think about the hidden messages in it. The series is called “System Failure”, and it represents harsh critics of modern society.

Greed, the cult of beauty, manipulation, insulation and inertia, and other negative and destructive elements rooted in today’s society are looking at you from these illustrations.

Look in the gallery these Salvador-Dali-like illustrations and let them carry you through the crisis of economic and social values of time that we are currently living.

More info: igor morski (h/t: designyoutrust)


Modern Society illustrations 2



Society illustrations 30


Modern Society photos 3


Modern Society photos 4


Modern Society photos 5



Modern Society photos 6


Modern Society photos 7


Modern Society photos 9


Modern Society photos 10



Modern Society images 11


Modern Society images 12


Modern Society images 13


Modern Society images 14



Modern Society images 15


Modern Society images 16


Modern Society images 17


Modern illustrations 18


Modern illustrations 19



Modern illustrations 21


Modern illustrations 22


Modern illustrations 23


Modern illustrations 24


Society illustrations 26


Society illustrations 27


Society illustrations 28


Society illustrations 30


Society illustrations 31


Modern Society illustrations 32


Modern Society illustrations 33

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