53 Hilarious Comebacks That Will Make You King of The Burns

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What is a comeback?

A comeback is a quick reply to a critical remark. So simple, so painful when done right. The best comebacks are usually short and sweet.

Having the last laugh on social media requires either cunning and intelligence, or the ability to search things on google pretty fast. Mastering the art of the best comebacks and making sure they’re on point too is not an easy task. Anyhow, being provoked or called out on social media is annoying on its own, but bickering over difference of opinion is even more annoying to see!

If you want to put someone in their place online and you are smart enough to know how to shut people up online for real, you know it’s done by making fun of them. Wandering how other people do it? Check out this amazing snapshots of social media hilarious comebacks. And use them wisely.

#1 This comeback burns so much they went straight to the emergency room.

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#2 Seriously hurting this guy – but he had it coming

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#3 Keep up with the times people.

hilarious comebacks 3

#4 Completing his sentence is an epic comeback

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#5 Mom gives son the best comeback burn ever!

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#6 Intelectual comeback by Stephen Hawking

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#7 Girl tried to be funny on facebook, came back to bite her in the ass

hilarious burns 7

#8 Making fun of the American school system on live TV

hilarious burns 8

#9 Wow, getting burned by a low wage company

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#10 I never saw a better or brutal comeback via text. This is pure gold.

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#11 This hurts me, and I’m not even related.

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#12 People on social media can be really mean, let him have his day.

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#13 Guy tries to figure out his contacts, gets some tough responses

funny comebacks 13


#14 Trying to make an argument. Failing hard

funny comebacks 14

#15 Another guy trying to be funny on facebook only to be left as the joke

best comebacks 15

#16 People should really understand the internet before they comment on anything

best comebacks 16

#17 Parents give the best comebacks to their child hands down.

best comebacks 17

#18 The ultimate Justin Bieber burn on the planet

best comebacks 18


#19 The Grinch comeback is a special holiday thing

best comebacks 19

#20 Old spice and Taco Bell going head to head

hilarious insults 20

#21 Give it up for the boys getting it back

hilarious insults 21

#22 She got him good. If you want to comeback at someone, make sure you can write

hilarious insults 22

#23 Never try to diss actors, they will always win.

hilarious insults 23

#24 She tried to prove a point but got burned in the process.

hilarious insults 24

#25 List of burn centers in the US because he got burned hard

hilarious burn comebacks 25

#26 The best comeback when your man asks for a sandwich is to comeback with a sandwich damnit

hilarious burn comebacks 26

#27 Hitting him with the fake girlfriend routine, classic.

hilarious burn comebacks 27

#28 Seriously, never try to burn an actor or entrepreneur, you will lose.

hilarious burn comebacks 28

#29 Text comebacks are just the funniest

hilarious burn comebacks 29

#30 Hitting her with the same medicine

awesome comebacks 30

#31 I think her weight is not really the issue here

awesome comebacks 31

#32 LOL

awesome comebacks 32

Some of my own I found online:

#33 Do yourself a favor and just ignore all these people who told you to be yourself. It’s bad advice for you.

#34 I also believed in evolution once, but then I met you.

#35 You have the right to remain silent because i’m sure whatever you have to say is stupid anyway.

#36 I just got a call from the village. They asked for their idiot back, you better get going.

#37 You always make me so happy, as soon as you leave the room, it just lights up.

#38 You know, everytime we get together, it makes me remember that even god has a sense of humor.

#39 I was pro life. I met you and it changed.

#40 If ignorance is bliss, then you’re the happiest motherfu**** on the planet

#41 Sorry man, I didn’t get that, I don’t speak buljshit.

#42 Jesus definitely loves you, but everyone else just thinks you’re an idiot.

#43 If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I just fart

#44 That’s a great story Gary, but in what episode do you shut the fuck up?

#45 Remember once when I told you how cool you were? Well I totally lied

#46 Your ass must be pretty jealous of all the shit that comes out of your ass

#47 Honestly, you only annoy me when you’re breathing.

#48 Awesome comeback on national TV

best comebacks 48 (1)

#49 You should really apply some water to that burn

awesome comebacks 49 (1)

#50 She asked for that comeback really.

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#51 You never listen Jason!

best comebacks 51 (1)

#52 No more punching is more like it.

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Bonus video of the best comeback burns online