Hillary Clinton Burning Donald Trump With “Delete Your Account” Meme On Twitter Probably Won Her The Presidential Election


hillary delete your account tweet to donald trump

Do you need some ice with that burn Donald? 

Hillary Clinton just burned the presumptive GOP president nominee Donald Trump. The burn happened on Thursday and she did it with only three simple words that instantly went totally viral.

If you don’t already know, Clinton’s tweet is a well known internet meme, and she wrote it in response to Trump’s reaction that President Obama had endorsed Clinton ( big shock she was his former Secretary of Sate ) for the 2016 election.

After way too much time on internet time zone, Trump and Reince Priebus finally tried to hit Clinton back.

Obviously you can’t fool the internet community, and some users couldn’t help but point out that Trump’s comeback was not original nor quick.

And everyone who knows memes knew it was too late, Hillary was crowned the queen of shade, queen of burns and what not.







Within only one hour from being posted , more than 115,000 retweets to Clinton’s burn made it the most retweeted message of Clinton’s campaign. ( Source )

Trump supporters didn’t gave up and fired back at Hillary and reminded her that she knows more about deleting accounts than most.




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