30 Screenshots That Show The Dumbest People Saying The Dumbest Things On The Internet

People can be very dumb sometimes, without even realizing it. Yes, we are, we’re not trying to exclude ourselves from this statement. We sometimes do and say stupid things that we regret later. Some of them we don’t even know they’re wrong and silly, unless told by others. Sometimes, we do stupid things and say the dumbest things without even realizing it, not even when someone is trying to tell us. And sometimes we are stupid because we pretend to be too smart. For all of these instances, we’ve prepared for you 30 screenshots of the dumbest people saying the dumbest things on the Internet. Where else? Enjoy!

1. Well, well, well! Some people know how to play GTA 5 and only that! Master at one thing, not Jack of all trades!

dumbest people 1 (1)

2. Anyone else looking for a job? Seriously the dumbest people

dumbest people 2 (1)

3. Something strange is going on here!

dumbest people 3 (1)

4. This looks dangerous

dumbest posts 4 (1)

5. Jokes don’t work unless you’re a little smart

dumbest posts 5 (1)

6. Some sort of “Don’t read!”

dumbest posts 6 (1)

Too late, right?

7. A verb describes something, right?

dumbest posts 7 (1)

8. This wireless signal is getting in our way! Uf!

dumbest posts 8 (1)

9. Because they need a pilot! Such a dumb person

dumb people 9 (1)

10. Did he mean continents? But, wait, they’re not continents either. What are they?

dumb people 10 (1)

11. Read at your own risk! Dumb people are coming

dumb people 11 (1)

12. Apparently, people forgot there was a hash long before there was a hashtag

dumb people 12 (1)

13. Right! Right away!

dumb people 13 (1)

14. Some unknown type of cat has been detected

stupid people 14 (1)

15. Some people have no idea! But we didn’t expect much from the dumbest people list

stupid people 15 (1)

16. They ate lion, so they began the king and queen of the…what?

stupid people 16 (1)

17. The important question here is: What does IQ stand for?

stupid people 17 (1)

18. Scary people. Really! I don’t need Halloween, I can get scared only reading this

stupid people 18 (1)

19. Because it’s a real thing you know…NOT

stupidest people 19 (1)

20. Reptiles, all the reptiles in the world, please make a public statement about who you are and what you’re doing for a living!

stupidest people 20 (1)

21. Well, well, well….

stupidest people 21 (1)

22. Stupid elevator, don’t put that button on me!

stupidest people 22 (1)

23. Where are these geniuses living? We’re asking for a friend

stupidest people 23 (1)

24. This is so wrong on so many levels. I just don’t wanna’ say anything about it!

weird people 24 (1)

25. So, if Ben and Sal also have a girl, then Jenn will be both an aunt and an uncle? She’s a superwoman!

weird people 25 (1)

26. Yeah, bitching about someone makes you look stupid

weird people 26 (1)

27. Wooaw! How can that be?

weird people 27 (1)

28. We will soon forget that maps existed long before Google maps. Here’s proof!

weird people 28 (1)

29. So, the people in the Titanic are living dead?!

dumbest people 29 (1)

30. Got it? Cause we sure didn’t

dumbest people 30 (1)

The list of the dumbest people needs to be spread around, for science.

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