29 Evil Buildings That Could Easily Pass As Super Villain Layers

Imagine you’re a master villain from some movie such as Batman or Superman. Where would you live? If you find this question hard to answer and you need a bit of help, scroll down our list of the most evil buildings in the world inspired by this Imgur post. You will be surprised how so many buildings can look so evil. We bet you will find your favourite structure to settle the villain version of yourself in no time.

Actually, this is a list of awesomely creative, non-nefarious structures from around the world. We think they would be great scenography and a home of a supervillain but maybe you’ll get inspired in a different way. Share with us which one of these evil buildings is the best in how it inspired you in the comment section.

1. France’s Polygone Riviera

evil buildings (1)

evil buildings 2 (1)

2. MahaNakhon Tower in Bangkok looks like one of many evil buildings from the movie cube

evil structures 3 (1)

3. Saint Petersburg’s infamous “Fort Plague” in Russia 1

evil structures 4 (1)

evil structures 5 (1)

4. Art Nouveau House in Brussels, Belgium

evil structures 6 (1)

5. The University of Toronto’s Robarts Library 1

evil structures 7 (1)

evil structures 8 (1)

6. The Tomorrow Square Building in Shanghai

evil structures 9 (1)

evil structures 10 (1)

7. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Centre

evil structures 11 (1)

8. This Swedish ISP’s office in a granite atomic bomb shelter

evil structures 12 (1)

9. Italian Fire Station, or Hydra Headquarters?

evil structures 13 (1)

10. Reiyukai Shakaden Temple, Tokyo

evil structures 14 (1)

evil villians buildings 15 (1)

11. The Max Planck Research Institute for Experimental Medicine in Berlin, Germany

evil villians buildings 16 (1)

evil villians buildings 17 (1)

12. Tijaria Tower in Kuwait City

evil villians buildings 18 (1)

13. Philadelphia City Hall

evil villians buildings 19 (1)

14. Velasca Tower, Milan 1

evil villians buildings 20 (1)

evil villians buildings 21 (1)

15. Buzludzha, Bulgaria

evil villians buildings 22 (1)

16. Philadelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, USA

evil villians buildings 23 (1)

17. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

evil villians buildings 24 (1)

18. Catholic Church, Paks, Hungary

evil villians buildings 25 (1)

19. Dc Tower I, Vienna, Austria

bad buildings 26 (1)

20. Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

bad buildings 27 (1)

21. The Maze Tower, Dubai, UAE

bad buildings 28 (1)

22. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, UAE

bad buildings 29 (1)

23. Taipei 101 Observatory, Taipei City, Taiwan

bad buildings 30 (1)

24. Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang, North Korea

bad buildings 31 (1)

25. Ostankino Broadcast Tower, Moscow, Russia

bad buildings 32 (1)

26. Wedding Palace, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

bad buildings 33 (1)

27. Pacific Design Center, Red Building, Hollywood, California, USA

bad buildings 34 (1)

28. Al Tijaria Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait

bad buildings 35 (1)

29. Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing Shi, China

evil buildings 36 (1)

What do you say?! Are they evil looking or what? Share these evil buildings with your friends.



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