28 Hilarious T-Shirts That Say Nothing But The Truth


There’s a whole lot of truth here


1: yeah dude! you tell it

hilarious t-shirts


2: So…whats the status then?

hilarious t-shirts2

3: You know what that means, you know

hilarious t-shirts3

4: She’s hiding a 9 mm her pants

hilarious t-shirts6

5: LOL

hilarious t-shirts7


6: This guy is just screaming the truth

hilarious t-shirts8

7: Step it up man!

hilarious t-shirts9

8: Whats right is right

hilarious t-shirts10

9: B B B BURN!

hilarious t-shirts11


10: Yes and it works all night long

hilarious t-shirts12

11: I don’t believe you

hilarious t-shirts13

12: Only today, this sale is only for today

funny-tshirt 14

13: Quick, don’t miss your shot

hilarious t-shirts15


14: It’s so easy, even a toddler can do it

hilarious t-shirts16

15: This t-shirt can start wars

hilarious t-shirts17

16: We approve this message

hilarious t-shirts18

17: It’s a miracle you are able to get out of bed

hilarious t-shirts19

18: Gidigi gidigi go!

hilarious t-shirts20


19: Cause we all wanna be big rock stars living in huge castles driving 15 cars…

hilarious t-shirts21

20: That outfit says otherwise mister

hilarious t-shirts22

21: You don’t want to get on this lady bad side

hilarious t-shirts23

22: What? makes sense no?

hilarious t-shirts24

23: How is this possible, look at that perfect face

hilarious t-shirts25

24: You go girl!

hilarious t-shirts26

25: Shouldn’t be long now

hilarious t-shirts27

26: Or the list you’re reading right now

hilarious t-shirts28

27: Right. and I only go skydiving with the president every Saturday night

hilarious t-shirts29

28: Hi yourself

hilarious t-shirts30

Source: Imgur