25 Times parents treated their adult children like school kids

You will always be your parents’ little kid. No matter how much you grow and what an important manager or director you become, your mom will still make you Mickey Mouse pancakes when you get home or hide money around your house when visiting you or just give you any type of funny, cute and incredible present. It’s just that they will never cease to be your parents and in their eyes you’ll always be their little girl or boy. So, when they buy you pajamas with butt-flaps or a “birth control blanket”, just say “thank you” and post it on Social Media.

At least this is what these 25 people did and the result is hilarious. It also melts your heart and help you understand your parents better. Are you ready for this?

1. When your mom makes matching ties for you and your cat…


Image: raypkit

2. This guy’s mom sometimes sneaks in his office and leaves him a surprise

He is 34 years old and a father of three. His mom has to get a security card from the front desk and take the elevator for 3 floors to get to his office.


Image: howdoyoumakeausername

3. “Bought this 20 years ago, totally forgot about it…here”


Image: andertonwait

4. Her dad hides money in her house whenever he visits…


Image: somebodysmama

5. She turned 28. Her mom wanted a picture with the balloon. You understand her look now, don’t you?


Image: dontjudeme

6. “Mom Fixed Up A Knee Hole In My Pants. I’m 23, But I Love It “

Would you love it?


Image: HAL90000

7. When you’re 30 and tell your mom you’re sick…


Image: rIse_four_ten_ten

8. When you leave home to go and live someplace else and forget your winter coat at home…

And your mom discovered something in it…


Image: IncrediCUNT

9. Turning 31 doesn’t mean your mom won’t bake a cake like this for you!


Image: ehswelder

10. Dad will always be dad!


Image: earphone4

11. Imagine turning 21 and your father posting this picture on Facebook


Image: austinfromaustin

12. 29 Birthday gift. Mom knows best!


Image: poifacerob

13. Distance is never too much for your parents

“My Parents Live 341 Miles Away And I Jokingly Asked My Dad To Order Pizza For Me. Look What Showed Up At My Door”


Image: SendElbowPics

14. Mom will always buy nice things for you


Image: noonehastoldmebutithinkimfat

15. A father’s lunch for his 21-year-old


Image: lovexsongs

16. 21 and still receiving Lego’s for Christmas!

“You’re Damn Right I Built This And I Enjoyed Every Minute Of It”


Image: PungentCrotchSweat

17. When boobs come up on screen, mom takes action!


Image: DantesInfernape

18. It’s easy to feel like a kid when you’ve got parents buying you gifts like these!


Image: DarkSoldat

19. “My Mom Thinks I Am 5 Still “


Image: ATrendyName

20. Instructions on how to cut a kiwi from a mother to her 18-year-old son


Image: RWilso98

21. What happens when you tell your mother about your boyfriend


Image: narehami

22. When you invite your girlfriend’s parents over for dinner for the first time


Image: Clay_625

23. “The Birth Control blanket”-  a father’s gift to his daughter


Image: CrimsonLager

24. Mickey Mouse pancakes for a grown-up


Image: RuthWVU

25. 39 years old and this is a Christmas present from her parents

“It Even Has A Butt-Flap”


Image: Liz4tin

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