25 So True Facts That Will Get Your Brain Working a Little

We just love fact posts. There is something about reading a bunch of awesome facts that instantly get your mind working. Like the 20 facts on Mars post we wrote a while back. This post of so true facts is similar, but this time they don’t revolve around a specific subject, they are more of random cool facts we think you will enjoy knowing just for the sake of knowledge. If you believe we are right, just share the post or leave a comment so we will know we’re on the right track. If you hate it, you are free to browse away and visit a different website, but we will sure like you to stay.

1. This list of so true facts start with a man felt the professor has it for him. Proved it.

so true facts 1 (1)

2. Why do people still use the yellow pages.

so true facts 2 (1)

3. She is truly one in a million

awesome true facts 3 (1)

4. I never knew this so true fact. One of the best ones on this list

awesome true facts 4 (1)

5. Talk about a major screw up right?

awesome true facts 5 (1)

6. Sorry to say that this fact is so true

awesome true facts 6 (1)

7. Why is that? Meals are not part of the perks?

awesome true facts 7 (1)

8. They take security very seriously there

cool true facts 8 (1)

9. Must be beautiful to watch. From all the so true facts, this is probably the best one.

cool true facts 9 (1)

10. If they only knew who will he become…

cool true facts 10 (1)

11. WHOA! Crazy to think about it

cool true facts 11 (1)

12. Harry Potter for adults

cool true facts 12 (1)

13. You can’t make this shit up. Movie style escape

 true facts 13 (1)

14. I wonder if this so true fact is the reason i’m so lean

 true facts 14 (1)

15. So we really should take care of them right?

 true facts 15 (1)

16. Get this man a medal already!

 true facts 16 (1)

17. Plus you get to spend all day online, what’s bad

 true facts 17 (1)

18. So finders keepers do exist

accurate facts 18 (1)

19. I see duck everywhere

accurate facts 19 (1)

20. Americans do have big hands

accurate facts 20 (1)

21. OMG! The list of so true facts was worth it just for this fact

accurate facts 21 (1)

22. Please learn from it. Too many prisoners

accurate facts 22 (1)

23. Still, legendary.

accurate facts 23 (1)

24. Taking risks for the film, love it

accurate facts 24 (1)

25. So you die a little every time you sneeze?

so true facts 25 (1)

I’m thinking i got a little bit smarter by reading this post of awesome true facts. If you feel it too, let’s share it.


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