24 Wendy’s Twitter Roasts That Are So Hot They Should Be Served With Fries

tl;dr – Wendy’s Twitter is hilarious with it’s roasts. The long version is that for a while now, the people behind the hamburger chain’s Twitter handle have been doing a killer job at gaining engagement from their followers / customers. If you haven’t heard of the Wendys twitter roasts yet you should try and take them on via twitter and see what happens.

It’s especially funny because the company logo which is this sweet little girl is a world apart from the burns they let out on people. Maybe the only give away here is that the Wendy’s girl in the logo is a redhead, and we all know not to mess with red heads right? Browse through this list of Wendy’s burns and tell us in the comments if Wendy’s Twitter is not the funniest one out there. If you love this kind of twitter humor, make sure to see this funny post about Ryan Reynolds and his hilarious tweets

1. Oh Snap! Wendys Twitter holds nothing back!

wendys twitter roasts

2. This just might be the best Wendy’s twitter burn ever!

wendys twitter roasts 3

3. This guy tried his best, but got roasted by Wendy’s hard

wendy's twitter roasts 2

4. You asked for it buddy

wendy's twitter roasts 5

5. Wendy’s telling it like it is since 1969

wendy's twitter roasts 6

6. Solid advice, no one should live so far away from a burger joint

wendy's twitter roasts 7

7. This is down right insulting, well, she started it

wendy's twitter roasts 8

8. Awesome pick up line

wendy's twitter roasts 9

9. That’s a perfect response right there

wendy's twitter roasts 10

10. Oh snap!

wendy's twitter roasts 11

11. Using low count of followers as a burn – nice

wendys social roasts 12

12. It’s like they have a sharp answer for everything

wendys social roasts 13

13. I wouldn’t mess with Wendy’s

wendys social roasts 14

14. Stupid question gets a stupid answer

wendys social roasts 15

15. They’re not even on the same scale

wendys social roasts 16

16. 8 mile reference, nice!

wendys social roasts 17

17. You never know what you gonna get there

wendys social roasts 18

18. Wendy’s twitter roasts continues with this…

wendys social roasts 19

19. Can’t keep a girl who doesn’t like beef

wendys social roasts 20

20. They should have said ” Food poisoning “

wendys social roasts 21

21. Giving her the classic ” delete your account ” meme

wendys social roasts 22

22. This isn’t really a burn but a solid serious answer

wendys social roasts 23

23. We already covered that, keep up man!

wendys twitter roasts 24

24. Oh it’s on now! The last of the Wendy’s twitter burns and it’s a good one

wendys twitter roasts 4


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