24 Surprised Animals Who Just Had a Little Heart Attack

Animals are some of the most fascinating things on the planet. So much more interesting than humans. That’s not counting babies and toddlers, though. Babies and toddlers are pretty interesting but animals take the cake.

Unlike humans, animals are easy to amuse and easy to startle. Have you seen those videos of the cats that run away in fear from cucumbers? Cucumbers, I said… I have to be careful not to startle my cats because they’re so high strung, it can be borderline dangerous. I moved my foot too fast once while my cat was under the coffee table. She jumped so fast she banged her head on the table. No need to worry, though. She’s fine. It’s a good thing animals are so resilient or they’d all die of heart attacks and head injuries if they weren’t.

In this post, you can see some startled and surprised animals making their best “Oh my!” faces. They’re pretty hilarious. Not as hilarious as my cat jumping 5 feet in the air because I turned around too fast. But they’re sure to give you a good chuckle. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section. And maybe share some of your own surprised animal pictures.

1. This raccoon is our first in the surprised animals list and he looks pretty shocked

Surprised Animals (1)

2. This goat is pretty shocked at seeing the photographer

Surprised Animals 2 (1)

3. dog trying to figure out what’s going on

shocked Animals 3 (1)

4. My face when i realize i showered with the window open

shocked Animals 4 (1)

5. Kuala bear still looks cute AF while surprised

shocked Animals 5 (1)

6. ” No Wayyyyy ” This animal probably

Surprised Animals 6 (1)

7. Is this a baby seal? He seems surprised

Surprised Animals 7 (1)

8. Squirll got spooked by the photographer

Surprised Animals 8 (1)

9. The cow wasn’t ready yet

Surprised Animals 9 (1)

10. One of the best photos on this list

Surprised Animals 10 (1)

11. This is how your wife looked when you proposed to her

Surprised Animals 11 (1)

12. ” I can’t believe this is happening “

shocked Animals 12 (1)

13. Never saw a dog so surprised before

shocked Animals 13 (1)

14. Even frogs get in on this

shocked Animals 14 (1)

15. ” It’s not what you think it is ” Dog probably

shocked Animals 15 (1)

16. Owl always look shocked – let’s be real

shocked Animals 16 (1)

17. See? Everytime

shocked Animals 17 (1)

18. I think we caught this horse doing something he’s not supposed to do

shocked Animals 18 (1)

19. Monkey seeing something you will be shocked too

shocked Animals 19 (1)

20. Half angry, half surprised face

shocked Animals 20 (1)

21. All this food is for me?! OMG

shocked Animals 21 (1)

22. What is happening?!

Surprised Animals 22 (1)

23. The best one in this list of surprised animals

Surprised Animals 23

24.This elephant face though

Surprised Animals 24 (1)

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