23 Sneaky Life Hacks To Help You Win Life


A new and improve life hacks article that you want to try before you die, we all know the past articles we published a while back that got a really good feedback because let’s face it, everyone loves hacks. If you missed them, here are the links: Unethical life hacks to help you get what you want | 20 unethical life hacks you desperately want to try | 20 life hacks everyone wants to try before they die, and as always, some of the hacks below are sneaky and rude, but they sure work!

1: Can i get new shoes for that price too?

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2: That is a good idea, can’t wait to be homeless!

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3: OMG this is so gross!

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4: Makes sense, i can talk for hours about Hugh Jackman

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5: What if there’s literally ice on my bed? how will i sleep than?

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6: Sound advice

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7: Instructions unclear, in the hospital after eating it

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8: So next time my girlfriend has a problem with her hair, this is what ill do

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9: Or you can just get a job and work for a living

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10: Saves me hours!

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11: They also look better in general

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12: But that’s just stealing

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13: Will try to remember this one

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14: Same reason you get tired while driving when someone else sleeps in the car

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15: LOL

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16: That is COOL!

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17: LMAO!!! this is gold!

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18: So basicly they take my crap and give me a new shoe?

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19: Nice thought

more life hacks 19

20: This is true

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21: Put it in my will

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22: And also get you drunk as hell

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23: HaHa

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