23 Funny Horse Pictures That Prove Horses Are Better Than Cats


No, this isn’t a collection of weird Sarah Jessica Parker photos. They’re just funny horse pictures that’s a little weird.

As we all know, cats have had quite a monopoly on internet humor for at least the last 10 years. They have a natural weirdness about them and eccentricity. But it’s time for the cats to move over and make room for someone else. It’s now the age of the horse, people. Make way for these majestic, yet often goofy, creatures.

How horses didn’t take over the internet as the funniest animal long ago, I’ll never know. They’re beautiful creatures when they’re just standing there. But when they make sounds or eat or do anything they go all… weird.

Here’s a long list of some hilarious horse pictures. They’re the kind of moments that no one is ever expecting. One minute they’re majestic and graceful. The next they’re sticking their tongues out as far as they can to grab that carrot out of your hand. They’re truly remarkable weirdos and we wouldn’t have them any other way.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. And share with us any other weird animals you believe deserve their own chance in the goofy spotlight.

Funny horse pictures #1: Just sending out a smile

funny horse pictures (1)


2: How i think i look

funny horse images 2 (1)

3: horse trying to be a cat


funny horse pictures 4 (1)

4: This is how you really laugh around your BFF

funny horse pictures 5 (1)

5: You can be a horse lime on the internet

funny horse images 6 (1)


6: Horses likes to smile too

funny horse pictures 7 (1)

7: Horses can do anything. Even yoga instructors

funny horse pictures 8 (1)

8: I just love this post

funny horse images 9 (1)

9: Well played horses. Well played

funny horse pictures 10 (1)


10: Never! this is a funny horse pictures. Not a Sarah Jessica Parker gallery

funny horse images 11 (1)

11: Tell me when you stop next time horse

funny horse pictures 12 (1)

12: You limo is here sir

funny horse images 13 (1)

13: Never pee on the electric fence

funny horse images 14 (1)


14: My horse is better looking than me.

funny horse pictures 15 (1)

15: No title needed

funny horse pictures 16 (1)

16: Stupid people. Bad advice

funny horse images 17 (1)

17: OK. Please explain

funny horse images 18 (1)

18: Give me some sugar

funny horse images 19 (1)


19: I’m fabulous!

funny horse images 20 (1)

20: I killed this cookie horse design

funny horse images 21 (1)

21: You won our hearts horse

funny horse images 22 (1)

22: How did this happen?!

funny horse images 23 (1)

23: Miley Cyrus pretending to be a horse

funny horse pictures 24 (1)

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