21 Mixed Dog Breeds That are Too Cute to Handle

There are many dog breeds in the world, these mixes are a result of thousands of years of breeding different types of dogs that lead to the known breeds you known today. Husky, Corgi, Labrador and more are examples of these breedings. The years of distinctive breedings created different coat types, sizes and shapes for the dogs.

We wanted to know what will happen if we take a purebred Corgi and mix it with a Husky? You get a Horgi? The pictures below of the mixed dog breeds prove it could be very cute to try ( In theory, we wouldn’t want to do this in real life, let dogs live man ).

There has always been a passionate debate regarding purebreds and mixed dogs. When you look at a purebred you pretty much know what to expect, the color,temperament and size are well defined. However with the predictability of almost everything, you also get a high risk of genetic diseases that mutts don’t have.

Mutts are almost always safe from genetic illness but tend to be on the more risky side of the behavioral problems, if you adopt a mutt, because you don’t know for sure who his parents were, you can get a 20lbs dog or a 50, it’s anyone’s guess.

Start scrolling through this list of cross breed dogs and tell us which one is your favorite.

1. A Pitbull and Husky mix = Pitsky

mixed dog breeds 1 (1)

2. German Shepherd and Beagle = Beagleman

mixed dog breeds 10 (1)

3. Husky mix with Chow Chow = Chusky

mixed dog breeds 3 (1)

4. Dachshund with Dalmation = Dalmachshund

mixed dog breeds 4 (1)

5. Husky and Labrador = Labsky

mutts dog breeds 5 (1)

6. Pug with Chihuahua = Chug

mutts dog breeds 6 (1)

7. Corgi with German Shepherd = Gorgi

mutts dog breeds 7 (1)

Adorable mix this Gorgi mix

mutts dog breeds 8 (1)

8. Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier = Poorshire

mutts dog breeds 9 (1)

9. Dalmatian and Corgi = Corgatian

mixed animal breeds 2 (1)

10. Shar-pei and Cocker Spaniel = Cocker-Pei

mixed animal breeds 11 (1)

11. Husky and Pomeranian = Pomsky

mixed animal breeds 12 (1)

12. Shar-Pei and German Shepherd = German Sherpei

mixed animal breeds 13 (1)

13. Pug and English Bulldog = Bullpug

mixed animal breeds 17 (1)

14. Schnauzer with Poodle = Schnoodle

mixed animal breeds 18 (1)

15. Chow Chow and German Shepherd = Shepherd Chow

mixed dog breeds 19 (1)

16. Shelti with Corgi = Shorgi

mixed dog breeds 20 (1)

17. Basset Hound and Shar Pei = Sharp Asset

mixed dog breeds 21 (1)

18. Toy poodle with Corgi = Corgipoo

mixed dog breeds 22 (1)

19. Siberian Husky with Golden Retriever = Goberian

mixed dog breeds 23 (1)

20. German Shepherd and English Bulldog = German Bulldog

mixed dog breeds14 (1)

21. Corgi and Husky = Horgi

mixed dog breeds15 (1)

Brighter color mix of the Horgi

mixed dog breeds 16 (1)


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