22 Of The Most Unusual Dogs Of This Earth

very unusual dogs

This post is just a big collection of the most unusual dogs we could find. That’s it. If you love dogs, and you love looking at unusual dogs, this article is for you.

Why do unusual dogs are so special, well, it comes down to human nature right? People love what’s different, people themselves try all the time to be different from the herd right? Most people don’t like it when they feel just like everyone else.

So when we see some unusual dogs, we pay attention. Like you are going to be attention to these 22 most unusual dogs below.

Most unusual dogs #1 This dog has an eyeliner and spots on her nose, so adorable

very unusual dogs 1

2. A rare Albino Bernese mountain dog

very unusual dogs 2

3. Cute puppies from Yancheng, China, they look like little pandas

very unusual dogs 3

4. Just look at these eyes

very unusual dogs 4

5. Meet the Merle Mudis dog, rare and beautiful

very unusual dogs 5

6. LMAO – look it looks like someone drew a mustache on this adorable puppy

very unusual dogs 6

7. Same puppy all grown up

very unusual dogs 7

8. The African Painted dog in all his glory

very unusual dogs 8

9. A two face dog, the line is so accurate

very unusual dogs 9

10. The eyes you will never forget, amazing!

very unusual dogs 10

11. This dog has the biggest heart in the world, and its right on his head

very unusual dogs 11

12. This is a Puli, have you ever seen it before?

very unusual dogs 12

13. A panda German Shepherd

very unusual dogs 13

14. This guy is just a handful of happiness

very unusual dogs 14

15. This dog knows how to party

very unusual dogs 15

16. The spot on her eye makes her irresistible

very unusual dogs 16

17: This dog’s black spot is a phenomenon that happens in golden retrievers and yellow labradors. It’s caused by a somatic mutation that turns the e\e to E\e. e\e is the genotype that produce the yellow to red coat color

very unusual dogs 17

18. To someone who doesn’t know about these marks, it can look like something bad, but actually it’s just coat color

very unusual dogs 18

19. Another Albino with beautiful eyes

very unusual dogs 19

20. This little guy that will surely grow to be a handsome dog

very unusual dogs 20

21. This baby boy has markings like a zebra

very unusual dogs 21

22. Chinese Crested dog named Allegra

very unusual dogs 22

If you loved these unusual dogs, please comment and share below which one was your favorite.

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