21 Crazy Wow Illusions That Will Either Blow Your Mind Or Give You a Headache

wow illusions feat

Are you tired of not having a headache? Is your life so boring that you’re willing to stare at weird optical wow illusions till your head is throbbing? Mine too! Just look at these crazy optical illusions. Go on, do it. Don’t look away. Just keep staring until your eyes can’t take it anymore and the whole world just looks weird. I’ll wait? Na it could take too long, just enjoy yourself.

Though these wow illusions may give you a headache, they’re pretty fun to look at. But don’t look at them for too long. Surely you’ve got better things to do than sit and stare at weird stuff on the internet. Who am I kidding, none of us have anything better to do. This is the weirdest but most satisfying form of entertainment. It’ll keep your brain busy for a while. And that’s exactly what they’re designed to do.

So stare at these illusions for a while and let us know what you think. That is, after you’ve laid in a dark room for about an hour recovering from your migraine.

1. This is the first of the wow illusions that will make your eyes move

optical illusions 2


2. Whoa! This is very cool! Just look at the black dot until the timer runs out

wow illusions 3

3. What?! How is this possible. Awesome!

wow illusions 4

4. These two images are actually the same

optical illusions 5

5. Keep staring at the cross in the middle and watch what happens to the celebrity faces

optical illusions 6


6. A and B are the same shade of grey

optical illusions 7

7. Don’t belive us, here’s proof

optical illusions 8

8. Cover the line where the cubes meet and see they are the same color

optical illusions 9

9. A spinning circles illusion

optical illusions 10


10. Stare at the cross for a few seconds and see what happens to the pink dots

optical illusions 11

11. There’s two faces in this one picture

optical illusions 12

12. Cross your eyes and look at this picture, you will see a famous face

optical illusions 13

13. These two orange circles are actually the same size

optical illusions 14


14. See? Told you. ” Wow illusions how! “

whoa illusions 15

15. Move closer and further from the screen while looking at the yellow dot. Did you see it?

whoa illusions 16

16. Look at this picture for 30 seconds and then scroll to the image below of Inception

whoa illusions 17

17. Whoa! Trippy right?

whoa illusions 18

18. The blue and yellow lines seems to be moving one after the other right? WRONG! They move at the same pace

whoa illusions 19


19. All the dots below are white, you just see black dots because of the illusion

whoa illusions 20

20. Stare at the green dot long enough and the yellow dots will disappear

whoa illusions 21

21. All the lines below are actually parallel, just look long enough

whoa illusions 22

22. Cover the middle of the hallway to speed up the movement or cover the doors from each side to slow it down

wow illusions 23

23. You are seeing perfectly round circles below

wow illusions

These illusions got my head spinning, i need a break, but i share with my friends any way.

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