21 Funny Dodgeball Team Names That Prove This Is a Real Sport

Let’s go childish! Remember dodgeball? A fun game with the simple rule to not get hit by the ball. Back then, when we were kids, an age of a player varied between six and twelve. Nowadays, the fun game spread to a much wider population. It has gained in popularity enough to have amateur leagues and teams. And now the age of players varies between 18-45. Throwing, avoiding and catching the ball only got more fun. And where are teams there are team’s names. The game is all about having fun, so the names of the teams should represent its spirit.

Check out the list of the funny dodgeball team names and pick one for your own crew, or maybe just get inspired. The most important thing is fun. Did I mention fun? Fun, Fun, Fun! Let’s mention the fun begin!

1. Gym Class Heroes – the first on the funny dodgeball team names list

2. Much Ado About Balls

3. Don’t Hit Me!

4. Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, & Dodge

5. Picked Last!

6. The Human Targets

7. Duck And Cover

8. Dead Ducks

9. Dodgy Birds

10. Skillz That Killz

11. Kamikazes

12. Beastie Balls

13. All Dodge No Balls

14. Sitting Ducks – funniest dodgeball team names

15. Balls N’ Dolls

16. Girl Scout Dropouts

17. Globo Gym

18. Purple Cobras

19. Team Blitzkrieg

20. She-Ballers

21. Undertakers

One of the best things about playing dodgeball, beside the fun part, is the exercise, like any other sport, when you play dodgeball you burn calories, and this sport uses most of the muscles in your body so you can work out a good sweat while playing. It is estimated that you burn 340 calories per hour from an average 150 lbs person. When you play, you use your abs,legs and back muscles and doing some serious cardio. It is healthy to do any kind of sport in moderation obviously, and playing dodgeball is just as good and fun.

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