21 Drunk Baby Meme Pictures That Will Make You Think Twice About Kids

Getting the right image for great memes is all about timing. Most of the time it’s just a bad photo. In the case of the Drunk Baby meme, the timing was perfect. This baby actually looks like she’s had a few pints and she’s telling everybody what she’s really thinking.
She looks like her speech is slurring and she’s got the full on beer goggle effect going. Where is this kid’s mother, anyway? Who would let a baby drink like that?!
The caption for each Drunk Baby meme is always something somebody would say if they were drunk. But the majority of the time it’s what a baby would say if they were drunk. That makes it a million times funnier, and that’s exactly how we like it right?
Take a look at this list of Drunk Baby memes. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

1. My place or yours tonight?

drunk baby meme 2 (1)

2. When her husband walked in i shi*t myself – just another drunk baby meme for you

drunk baby meme 3 (1)

3. Gets new hot wheels car – swerves

drunk baby pictures 4 (1)

4. This little piggy is going to the bar!

drunk baby pictures 5 (1)

5. I shit you not! The airplane was coming straight to my mouth

drunk baby pictures 6 (1)

6. I lost 10 pounds last week because i got circumcised

drunk baby pictures 7 (1)

7. Doesn’t know how to walk? Don’t dare to dance

drunk baby pictures 8 (1)

8. All i said was DA-DA and everyone lost their sh*t

drunk baby pictures 9 (1)

9. Then i says to her, NO! I got your nose!

drunk baby pictures 10 (1)

10. I’m just sayin..just sayin..Dora? I’ll explore you

drunk baby pictures 11 (1)

11. This guy just disappears and suddenly comes back and yells – Peek-A-BOO!

drunk baby pictures 12 (1)

12. My sister is really my mommy. I think

drunk baby pictures 13 (1)

13. I shi*t you not. Oh wait, i just did

drunk baby pics 14 (1)

14. 12 steps? I didn’t take my first yet

drunk baby pics 15 (1)

15. If they put me in that crib one more time, i’m out of the house

drunk baby pics 16 (1)

16. It’s rough out there on day care

drunk baby pics 17 (1)

17. I have to be up at 3am tomorrow to wake my parents

drunk baby pics 18 (1)

18. I didn’t feel anything during my childbirth.

drunk baby pics 19 (1)

19. Sure officer, i’ll touch my nose.

drunk baby pics 22

20. After 9 months, suddenly i get evicted. And on my birthday!

drunk baby meme 21 (1)

21. I love you mom!

drunk baby meme

This list of the drunk baby meme pictures got me thinking i should not have kids. Share with your friends.



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