20 Images Of The Most Expressive Cat Better Known As Manul Cats

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The most expressive cat known as the Manul cat breeds are a threatened wild species that can be found in the grasslands of montane steppes of Central Asia. The cats who are also known as Pallas Cats can easily be recognized by their round pupils, short legs and a flat face with wide set ears which give them the ability to create some of the funniest expressions in the animal kingdom thus giving them the nickname ” The Most Expressive Cat in the world “.

The cats are more commonly known as Pallas cats live in high altitude places of up to 5,000m ( more than 16,000ft ), this results in a weak immune system from the lack of exposure to viral infections and that is why the survival rate is very low to this species, new litters see a mortality rate of up to 45%.

Now we know what you think, ” this cat looks adorable. Let’s adopt it, but they’re solitary and wild in nature as well as their high mortality rate at low altitude places makes them not so good of a pet. check the images below to see just some of the funny expressions they make

Manul Cats or Pallas cats are known to be the most expressive cat in the world

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Just looking at some of their facial expressions gives you a good idea as to why they got this nickname

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When i see them i think of Puss in boots from the movie Shrek. Look at those big eyes

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The Pallas cats may look very cute but they will make a terrible pet if you happen to bring them to your home

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They have low immune systems and they are only able to survive ( if at all ) in high altitude places

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It has been said that their litter mortality rate could be as high as 48% which makes almost half of the kittens being born die

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But let’s not focus on the negative, just look at those expressive faces they make and enjoy

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See? This is what we mean, LOL

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So do you agree that the Manul cat is the most expressive cat in the world? Please share

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