20 Bad First Date Stories That Will Make You Feel Lucky You’re Not Single

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Are you single and wondering what you’re going to do next week on Valentine’s Day? Well, we thought we’d like to help you cheer up a little with 20 of the worst first date scenarios you could ever think of. So, don’t be sad that you’re single, it could be even worse than that.

Your date might turn out to be a distant cousin or your date could just throw up in his mouth before kissing you or you could just end up in his ex-wife’s house helping her choose her wedding dress for marrying another guy.

Yep! There are a lot of worse case scenarios. We’ve picked the 20 most hilarious bad first date stories and we hope you’ll feel better if you’re single. If you’re not single, well, we hope you didn’t go through all of this.

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1. Third cousins. Such a pity.

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2. This one is like in the movies

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3. I don’t know if this is a date or we could just call it robbery

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4. Did he mind? I don’t think so

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5. Ok! Are you ready? This one requires a steady mind and understanding. It’s so wrong for so many reasons.

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6. This is weird and I hope they didn’t end up together

funny first date stories 6 (1)

7. This guy’s sister must hate him

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8. That’s a lot of emotion.

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9. Well, at least she knew what was on the menu and what was eatable and what was not

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10. Dads do take care of their girls!

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11. She must have been too in love with him

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12. This is how you build a relationship, spending the first 3 hours of your date in the hospital

hilarious first date stories 12 (1)

13. Well, she gave a correct answer, right?

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14. I guess she wasn’t interested to see his bunny hidden in the car and that’s where the romance stopped

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15. Well, there are dates and dates. You can’t always have them right

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16. And she still married him. This dude is a real hero

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17. This could be a sign for the best or the worst husband in the world, no in between. I hope she got lucky!

failed first date stories 17 (1)

18. This is a weird one and it could have gotten even worse. It’s good he got out alive. Don’t blind date.

failed first date stories 18 (1)


19. Dad knows best, doesn’t he?

bad first date stories 19 (1)

20. This is a smelly one so you might just want to hold your nose a little.

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