19 Times Dogs Were The Angels This World Didn’t Deserve

Who can resist the furry friendly walking hanks of happiness that we call dogs? Dogs are the best right? Even when they do something that humans may consider as inappropriate, we can never stay angry at them because they do everything with a charm, cuteness and without bad intention.

Check out in the gallery below some dogs who pushed the boundaries of awesomeness in their adorable way.

1. Like a Hollywood star!

dogs the best 2

2. I’m here for you…

dogs are the best 2

3. I’m a big boy, I don’t need anybody to walk me.

dogs the best 3

4. The temperature is perfect, thanks!

dogs the best 4

5. This should make her happy!

dogs the best 5

6. I thought it’s a pillow too, then I sensed his nose on my tail.

dogs were the best 6

7. Couch was teasing me.

dogs are the best 7

8. If you get a but on it, it’s yours, that’s a rule!

dogs are the best 8

9. I’m not fat! Parka is for cats.

dogs are the best 9

10. He earned it.

dogs are the best 10

11. Maybe it’s gone while I wasn’t looking.

dogs are the best 11

12. What paws?! I don’t have those.

dogs were the best 12

13. That’s perfect turn around.

dogs were the best 13

14. Here it is! Aren’t you proud?

dogs were the best 14

15. Whaaat?! It’s cozy!

dogs were the best 15

16. Who says I can’t be a lap dog.

dogs were the best 3

17. One pina colada over here!

dogs were the best 4

18. Could you skip the “singing in the rain”choreography this time?

dogs are the best 5

19. I’m fluffy and I know it.

dogs are the best

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