19 Couple Goals That Look So Good You Know They’re Fake

Couple goals or sometimes known as relationship goals is the invention of the internet. In the past people were not so focused on how they looked and what other couples are doing compared to them.

But with the advancements of smartphones and the internet, Instagram and other social networks, the world is a huge battle ground where everyone is just competing with each other: Who has the most followers,who looks better in photos, who went on the hottest vacation ( and obviously shared the photos online ) and on and on.

What happened to the good old days where couple goals ment sitting on your couch with an old stinky sweatpants and shirt and just binge watching an entire season of your favorite show? Why do we feel the need to compete so much? There are many very useful explanations but today we want to focus on the other side. The side that compares and competes, bet you didn’t see this coming right?

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We give you 19 couples that have reached serious goals so you could compare your own relationship and be bummed it’s not looking this hot. Or maybe it is and we are very jealous of you right now.

1. Wearing your bae sweater because it smells like her is seriously couple goals level 99

couple goals 19 (1)

2. Playing video games is the ultimate relationship goal

couple goals 18 (1)

3. This is an upgraded version of Netflix and chill

couple goals 17 (1)

4. Make sure to have common hobbies. This will help level up your love life.

couple love 16 (1)

5. Confronting your partner when he’s sick, true goals.

couple love 15 (1)

6. Hugging in front of the fire outside, can’t get any better really.

couple love 14 (1)

7. Going ice skating together in a romantic winter scene. #goals

couple love 13 (1)

8. Acting like kids when you’re in your 60s. AWESOME

couple love 12 (1)

9. Netflix and Chill. No other words necessary

couples goal pics 11 (1)

10. This is a new level of couple goals. Changing the wallpaper of your iPhones to match or complete.

couples goal pics 10 (1)

11. Every couple did this. Going to IKEA is the new ” in a relationship ” status change.

couples goal pics 9 (1)

12. Surprising her with roses, definitely worth it.

couples goal pics 8 (1)

13. Go hiking together, get’s the blood flowing, spreads the love

couples goal pics 7 (1)

14. For the couples who love theme parks and amusement parks. Fun times.

hashtag goals 6 (1)

15. Doing things you normally won’t do for your gf is what’s it’s like being in love.

hashtag goals 5 (1)

16. Taking a nap together in an awkward position is life. Also wearing a matching King and Queen t shirts.

hashtag goals 4 (1)

17. Matching your sneakers, seriously setting high goals for couples.

hashtag goals 3 (1)

18. Watching the sunset together is basic, but everyone has to do it.

couple goals 2 (1)

19. Sharing a milkshake is my kind of goal setting when you start dating.

couple goals 1 (1)


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