18 Meowls Which Are Cat Heads Photoshopped On Owl Bodies Because The Internet Is a Beautiful Things

Here’re some facts – cats are cute and owls are cute too. Here’s some math – cats plus owls equal double cute or meowls?. Hmmm… Let’s first check out the gallery below and then you’ll say if these facts and math make any sense for you. I personally can’t deny the cuteness in these images of Meowls (cats heads mushed onto owls bodies, to be precise) but bizarre is still the first thing on my mind.

As you haven’t had enough in your Internet portion of useless things, here is the whole gallery below to swallow. This Internet trend is getting stronger and nobody knows who started it and why, but here it is for us to waste our time on it. Bunch of cute cat heads mixed in the photoshop with chubby, feathery owl bodies is something you can’t look away when you see while browsing around. So, go ahead take a scroll down, I know you want to!

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Cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies

1. Meet Meowls!

Meowls 1 (1)

2. Cats heads mushed onto owls bodies

Meowls 2 (1)

3. One more bizarre Internet trend you can’t ignore

Meowls 3 (1)

4. Keep wasting your time while scrolling down, I know you’ll obey… because Meowls!

cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies 4 (1)


cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies 5 (1)


cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies 6 (1)


cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies 7 (1)


cat heads photoshopped onto owl bodies 8 (1)


owls with cat heads 9 (1)


owls with cat heads 10 (1)


owls with cat heads 11 (1)


owls with cat heads 12 (1)


owls with cat heads 13 (1)


Meowls 14 (1)


Meowls 15 (1)


Meowls 16 (1)


Meowls 17 (1)


Meowls 18 (1)

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