17 Ideas That Seem Like Stroke Of Genius When You’re Drunk

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When you’re drunk, you also think that you are the smartest person alive. Genius, I must say! You are bold enough to do just anything you think is witty. But technically and in reality it’s silly and stupid. Those are probably one of the worst ideas you can ever think of when you are drunk. You should be so lucky, that you don’t get yourself into huge trouble with everybody on what you did.

Here are 17 drunk ideas you might think are so-called stroke of genius.

1. Letting out the superhero power within you.

–I don’t need the keys!

drunk ideas 2

2. Letting the inner child out of you.

Never do this at a restaurant, you might be accused of being childish.

drunk ideas 3

3. Showing off your hidden talents in dancing.

Promise, you’ll gonna feel the pain tomorrow.

drunk ideas 4

4. Trying to show off that magic trick you know when you were young.

Nobody is interested to see any of it.

drunk ideas 5

5. Just checking if this duct tape would add beauty to your sofa.

Well, apparently it looks so annoying.

drunk ideas 6

6. Getting your dream tattoo!?

I don’t your tattoo likes your body.

drunk ideas 7

7. Having some trendy hairstyle.

I hope they like it.

drunk ideas 8

8. Constructing this witty chair.

For additional moral support while sitting.

drunk ideas 9

9. Taking your friendship to deeper phase.

That awkward moment after what happened.

drunk ideas 10

10. Proving your artistic culinary skills to your self.

All of a sudden everybody asks to try it.

drunk ideas 11

11. It’s better than a can opener.

When you can’t find that thing in the house.

drunk ideas 12

12. This online purchase is a big mistake!?

No, not really!

drunk ideas 13

13. When you don’t have much strength to go to bed.

It’s fine, at least you are being resourceful.

drunk ideas 14

14. You miss a lot, when you sleep at a rock show.

Just don’t do it.

drunk ideas 15

15. This is absolutely witty.

When you don’t like to get up from your seats.

drunk ideas 16

16. To cure a hangover, pizza is the best.

Pizzas, for pizza lover!

drunk ideas 17

17. This will definitely stop you from doing stupid drunk ideas.

It is indeed genius!

drunk ideas 18


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