16 Times Funny Sims Went Broken And It Was Hilarious


Everyone knows the game sims. One of the most popular PC games of all time for sure, but like all games, this one had it’s share of bugs, and like everything on the internet, they eventually ended up on some websites like Reddit and made their way into hilarious hall of fame.

Funny sims is not just a catchy phrase, it really is like that. The game is so much fun to play and is really addictive, and if you play it long enough like me, you can catch some of these weird sims bugs in real time.

What to do when you happen to see of of these? Save your screen as a picture obviously and turn it into a sims meme for the world to see. It’s not every day you get to create an original meme on the internet and when the chances arises you should take it by the horns.

Below are 16 of the funniest sims memes we could find, some are plain stupid, but most are funny like hell. Make sure you share the ones you laugh at with your friends so they could also have some fun. Let us know in the comment section which one you liked the most.

1. The Sim and what’s more important to him.

sims is hilarious 1


2. This is the precise illustration of Sim education.

sims is hilarious 2

3. When Sim is trying to connect with actual humans.

sims is hilarious 3

4. This highly significant sudden malfunction.

sims is hilarious 4

5. This extremely relatable list of conducts

sims is hilarious 5


6. The waking up from consciousness.

sims is hilarious 6

7. This extremely funny punchline.

sims is hilarious 7

8. Finally realized what “randomize” button is all about. Funny sims at it again

sims is hilarious 8

9. This meaningless baby name.

sims is hilarious 9


10. This wicked fella.

sims is hilarious 10

11. Nature of fashion, The sim way.

sims is hilarious 11

12. This horrible malfunction.

sims is hilarious 12

13. This witticism.

sims is hilarious 13


14. This pretty awesome lesson in language.

sims is hilarious 14

15. This rude Grim Reaper showed up.

sims is hilarious 15

16. This surprisingly sweet proposal.

sims is hilarious 16

Source: Buzzfeed