16 Celebrities And Their Famous Russian Celebrities Long Lost Twin

Famous Russian Celebrities 2 (1)

OK we have seen some weird shit in our days but nothing could prepare us to this. it’s not quite what you think and don’t worry it’s not gross or NSFW, but someone who gathered this hilarious famous russian celebrities gallery is a comedy genius! They all look exactly like their American celebrities but with a twist.

I dont know if this is designed or just a weird coincidence, but sure enough these russian celebrities lookalike are too good they could actually be stunt doubles for their American ” twin ”

1: EMINEM is a very famous singer, but is he one of the famous russian celebrities? I think not

before after russia 3 (1)

2: Barack Obama, president or no, he is now a celebrity and he’s Russian ” twin” can fool anybody

before after russia 4 (1)

3: Robert Downey Jr is a big celebrity in the states, but in russia he’s just a homeless man

before after russia 5 (1)

4: Vin Diesel don’t really ride the bus right? Well the famous russian celebrity Vin does

before after russia 6 (1)

5: Johnny Depp could actually pass as a russian drunk guy right? At least in recent years

before after russia 7 (1)

6:  Jeremy Clarkson can now really go to sleep for a while after being fired

before after russia 8 (1)

7: Hugh Jackman sure lost a lot of weight since the last X man movie. ohh wait, that’s not him

before after russia 9 (1)

8: Jason with his famous russian celebrity look alike

before after russia 10 (1)

9: Chuck Norris scares the living crap out of everyone in russia too

before after russia 11 (1)

10: The joker?! Really? The resemblance is amazing!

before after russia 12 (1)

11: I’m sorry to say this, but you’ve been diagnosed with the russian twin disese, and there is no cure

before after russia 13 (1)

12: Mila Jovovich looking quite like a lesbo in russia, but we couldn’t leave her out of our famous russian celebrities list

before after russia 14 (1)

13: They look so similar we had to put Jason one more time. Sorry Jason, don’t kick our asses

before after russia 15 (1)

14: Harrison Ford has gone for the worst i’m afraid, need a little helping hand there?

Famous Russian Celebrities 16 (1)

15: Leonardo Dicaprio could pass as a raging alcoholic in any country

Famous Russian Celebrities 17 (1)

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