Alex Garant Paintings Will Make Your Eyes Hurt In The Most Beautiful Way

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If you’re prone to migraines, I’d guess you’re probably not a big fan of Alex Garant. Most of her work consists of paintings of women, giving the illusion that they’re out of focus. It’s like looking at someone’s face through crossed eyes. It’s a little unnerving but it’s also difficult to look away. I found myself staring at them wondering “how is it possible for someone to paint something that would give me such a headache?”

She’s known as the “Queen of Double Eyes.” She does some other less headache-inducing work. They’re simply paintings of women with extra sets of eyes. But their noses and mouths remain in their rightful places.

She draws inspiration from early ink printing, vintage pop surrealism, baroque tapestries, and retro kitsch. There’s something retro about these paintings but also a bit of modern.

Take a look at some of Alex Garant’s paintings. But don’t stare for too long, you’ll give yourself a pretty bad headache.

Most of Alex Garant paintings are so weird to look at, your eyes just get out of focus

alex garant paintings (1)


Try and see how long you can watch one of the paintings without twitching

alex garant paintings 2 (1)

The illusion is pretty simple to create, Alex just paints more eyes that are spread apart from one another

alex garant paintings 3 (1)

To make the illusion more prominent she also makes the added layers in a softer color

alex garant paintings 4 (1)

This goes the same way for the nose, lips and more body parts of the painting to give the complete illusion

alex garant paintings 5 (1)


Honestly did you even make it all the way down here? My eyes hurt

alex garant paintings 6 (1)

If you’re a fan of this type of art, then Alex Garant paintings would be perfect for you

alex garant paintings 7 (1)

Doesn’t this one look like David Bowie? How cool is that

alex garant paintings 8 (1)

Visit Alex website to see more of her work and show some support

alex garant paintings 9 (1)

alex garant paintings 10 (1)

More info: Alex Garant Website | H/T : mymodernmet

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