33 Stupid Funny Jokes That Are So Dumb They’re Actually Pretty Funny

Sometimes a joke is so dumb, you just have to laugh. Like the pencil with an eraser on both ends, these jokes have no point. If you enjoy a good pun, these are not it! We have searched high and low to bring you this collection of truly funny stupid jokes that will have you groaning and laughing at the same time. You know the kind of dumb jokes you just have to tell your friends. If you need something silly to put a smile on your face, then keep reading. We think you will find them “humerus” all the way down to your funny bone. However, do not say we did not warn you.

Stupid funny jokes #1

funny jokes - grandad 65 started running to stay fit1


funny jokes - two guys stole a calendar2


stupid funny jokes - really good friends with 25 letter3


funny jokes - why the frisbee was getting bigger 4


stupid jokes - call me a taxi5

This is a really dumb joke and it comes in number #6

stupid jokes - the pirate say when he turned 80 6


stupid jokes - two cows are standing in a field 7


stupid jokes - why cant bicycles stand on their own 8


stupid jokes - ray charles cant see his friends 9


funny jokes - why did johnny drop his ice cream cone 10


 jokes - why do chickens sit on eggs 11


 jokes - why does a flamingo only stand on one leg12


hilarious funny jokes - why do you never see elephants hiding13


hilarious funny jokes - why is 6 afraid of 714


hilarious funny jokes - a family walks into a hotel and the father15


lol funny jokes - and the lord said to john16


lol funny jokes - so today i farted in an apple store and everybody was pissed17


lol funny jokes - have you ever smelled moth balls 18


lmao funny jokes - how does a train eat19


lmao funny jokes - how many south americans does it take 20


stupid lol jokes - if you ever get cold, just stand in a corner 21


stupid lol jokes - i recently bought some shows from a drug dealer 22


stupid lol jokes - what's the dumbest animal in the jungle 23


stupid lol jokes 24


stupid haha jokes - whats red and bad for your teeth 25


stupid haha jokes - whats green fuzzy and if it falls out of tree it will kill you 26


stupid haha jokes - whats forest gumps password 27


stupid haha jokes - whats blue and smells like red paint28


stupid fun jokes - what is the difference between a bird and a fly 29


stupid funny jokes - what do you call a kid with no arms 30


stupid funny jokes - whats red and isnt there 31


stupid funny jokes - whats the best nation in the world 32


stupid funny jokes - bonus question 33

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