We All Wish We Had This Girl’s Job, It Involves Zac Efron And Spray Tan


As you sit and drool over Zac Efron’s beautifully muscled and perfectly bronzed body as he prepares for the upcoming Baywatch Movie, consider this:  Some lucky lackey gets to spray-tan that mountain of man multiple times a day.

zac efron spary tan

Not only does she get a close up view, but someone has to follow him around with a spray bottle, keeping him wet, and that delicious duty also falls to this talented makeup tech!  Talk about your dream job, how would you like coating that handsome hunk in bronzing cream and making sure that he is always covered in a moist glistening sheen?  I’m sure it takes a steady hand, even toned bronzing lotion, and an eye for detail to make sure that he always looks like a sun kissed Adonis.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one am ready to volunteer!  I don’t know all the job requirements, but I’m willing to learn.

Source: teenvouge



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