This Record Player Lets You Hear What Trees Sound Like, Amazing!

tree tunk voice

Do you believe every tree creates a very distinctive and unique sound? Or I’d rather say, a musical sound? Well, no one was able to prove this before until now. But symbolically, trees are creating a very peaceful and quiet sound that whenever you see them, they are calling you to spend some time with them and be free of the bombarding noise of the city, the hustle and bustle, that which you are used to.

Now, what music do tress create, really? Good thing artist Bartholomaus Traubeck had the bright idea to find out that for us through his creation of the world’s first record player for trees. Instead of  using the normal  vinyl disc, his record player uses the very part of the tree which is the tree trunk or the cross section of the log with the use of light to transmit the multi colored facets and textures of the rings into a melodic tune and instruments. According to him, since every tree is unique, and each of them has a distinctive ring configuration, each of the trees has its distinctive song that can be created.

” Essentially, Traubeck has created a potentially unlimited library of “records.” because of this little idea that dawned upon him combined with his knowledge and skills. He made use of a modified Playstation eye camera and a motor to mobilize and control the arm. The gathered data captured by the camera is the synced and transmitted to a computer and interpreted into a piano track by a certain program known as Ableton Live. The songs that were created are nostalgic and quietly beautiful that will seem to come out from nowhere.

The sounds created are more likely to be like a musical score used in a film that conveys a transcendent emotion to viewers. Watch this video below and be amazed with the connection it gives to those who will hear it.

Source: wimp