Why Your 30s Are Better Than 20s In 8 Simple Illustrations


How many times did you hear the phrase – 30’s is the new 20’s? I don’t know about you, but I never really embraced that claim. Why? Because 30s are better than 20s! Simple as that. It has to do with figuring a lot about yourself, about relationships, romance and friendships, about the importance of boundaries and letting things go. In other words, you know more about yourself and the world around you, what you are and what you want to be, and you are aware at the same time that there is a lot of things yet to learn, and all that makes you more confident, open and relaxed.

But all of these things are not easy to notice at all! Maybe the best way to compare these two decades of life is to make comparative illustrations which clearly show why 30s are better than 20s well and clear. Well that’s exactly what the people from Lifehack did and you can check out in the gallery below eight insightful illustrations that put 20’s and 30’s side by side. It all seems so clear when put that way, don’t you think? Don’t forget to share these quirky illustrations with your friends, especially the ones reaching 30’s!

Why 30s are better than 20s #1 You have your own style

30s are better than 20s (1)


2: You love yourself and accept the real you

30s are better than 20s 2 (1)

3: You take good care of your body and make far better use of your time

30s are better than 20s 3 (1)

4: You know who your real friends are, this is one of the most important reasons why 30s are better than 20s

30s are better than 20s 4 (1)

5: Sometime, letting go is the best thing for all sides

30s are better than 20s 5 (1)


6: You know how to deal with bad situations

30s are better than 20s 6 (1)

7: You know you’re always learning new things, but you also know when to put your foot down

30s are better than 20s 7 (1)

8: You finally know who you are and what you want

30s are better than 20s 8 (1)

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